01 June 2020

Interview - Wilfried Theisen (Putzmeister Concrete)

Considering the weak market situation, our order book position is very good


With construction and management experience of more than 50 years, Putzmeister has an excellent reputation as an expert for concrete pumps, mortar machines and high-density solid pumps. To introduce the most advanced technology and high quality services into India, Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt. Ltd. was founded at Verna Industrial Estate, Goa (as a wholly owned subsidiary of Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH) forming the manufacturing, management, sales and after-sales service center for India. The factory built in 2007 covers an area of 10,000 m2. WILFRIED THEISSEN – MD INDIA, PUTZMEISTER CONCRETE MACHINES PVT LTD responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on his company’s prospects in the ready mix concrete equipment business.



Briefly offer us an assessment of the current RMC equipment market in India and the main challenges for its growth?


Six-seven years back, the RMC market was dominated by big raw material, essentially cement suppliers. This has changed a lot over the last two-three years as many smaller companies have since then entered the market . The growth of RMC market is directly linked to the dynamic of the real estate and infrastructure development but unfortunately the industry is depressed since more than 2.5 years and so is the RMC market. However, this is not true all over the country. The south of India has been  showing positive signs since about 6 months.




What is the size of the market for concrete equipment? And what is the contribution of your company in terms of the market requirements? Who are your main client's?


The Indian market is relatively small in comparison to its population. For example the market in a country like Turkey is three   times bigger in size with only 70 million people. But this shows the potential India has. We are present in all the major product segments and do have the right equipment for every job from single houses to high-rise up to 600m in height, tunnels, power stations, flyovers, metros, roads, dams etc. We have over 2000 active clients in India, from individual pump owners to the major corporate customers.



Tell us about the performance of your company this year highlighting the various categories of products launched in 2013?


We have consolidated our position as ‘market leader’  in the boom pumps and MOLIs and gained market share in all other segments. We launched the eSmart 1405 stationary pump and the new range of 36 and 42 m boom pumps.



What is your current order book position – product wise sale?


Considering the weak market situation, our order book position is very good in 2014 and so far we are in line with our budget figures.



What can we expect in terms of launches in 2014 – give us an understanding of their features.


There will be a couple of exciting launches in 3 different segments of our product range but we will give the “primeur” to our customers.



What will be your strategies to market your products? Which are the new geographies and projects you will be targeting? 


We continue to develop our own sales and service team together with the expansion of our dealer network throughout the country. More states will undergo the development phase and thus create opportunities to spread the business over a larger area then before and we will be ready to provide our excellent sales and service to those new customers.



You have to work closely with contractors in different projects with different constraints. Does this impact on your R&D?


Putzmeister has a special concrete application division which helps our customer to overcome the problems they face early in the project as well as later during the construction phase. Our R&D department is permanently in contact with our customers’ engineers in development and application so that we can adapt our equipments, in real time, to our customer’s needs. Furthermore, our local R&D team is linked to our R&D departments in Europe and the US so that improvements made are shared, for the benefit of our local customers.



What is your outlook for the readymix concrete business for 2014?   


We do think that the market will pick up after the election and the monsoon and that the latter part of the year should give us a growth rate of 7 to 8 per cent. This will however not be enough to make 2014 exceptional. 2014 will probably be slightly better than 2013. The real growth will only come in 2015.


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