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Interview - V G Sakthikumar (Schwing Stetter India)



We have supplied 1,050 RMC plants to clients in 150 cities across India



V G SAKTHIKUMAR, Whole-Time Director- Operations, Schwing Stetter India Pvt. Ltd. offered CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES an understanding of the ready mix concrete market in India.



Briefly offer us an assessment of the current RMC equipment market in India. What are the main challenges for its growth?


Schwing Stetter entered the Indian market in FY 1996-97, and we have been selling batching plants to RMC ever since. This industry has evolved substantially in the interim. Today, we have supplied 1,0 50 RMC plants to clients in 150 cities across India. Around fifteen years ago our 30 cu m plant was our most popular product. Today, various other models are gaining popularity based on the specific needs of the customer. The RMC industry is directly linked with the real-estate business. Due to the slowdown in recent years, RMC corporates have not expanded much, and are consciously investing in dedicated products instead.



What is the size of the market for concrete equipment? And what is the contribution of your company in terms of the market requirements? Who are your main clients?


Today most RMC plants are coming up in retail segments, and we offer tailor-made solutions in terms of a range of control systems – MCI360-MCI400. MCI360 is a highly sophisticated, user-friendly and robust control system which has been developed in-house by Schwing Stetter India. The first computer-based system introduced by Schwing Stetter India was the MCI300 control system, which revolutionised the concrete manufacturing industry. This system was so user-friendly that even a non-technical operator could run the plant quite easily and without any trouble.

The MCI450 is quite advanced, even compared to the MCI360, which was launched seven years ago. The MCI450 control system is known for its robustness. The main advantage of this system is that it does not depend on any third-party tool or editor to execute. The system is also known for its speed and accuracy. The state-of-the-art technology of the control systems, their reliability and quality, has helped Schwing Stetter earn its place as the leader in the Ready Mix Concrete equipment industry. In cities like Mumbai, where the requirements for high-strength concrete are high, our equipment is custom-built in order to take care of the specific needs of our customers. Our main clients are RMC corporates, and individuals in Tier-2 towns.



Tell us about the performance of your company this year – highlighting the various categories of products launched in 2013


In 2013, Schwing Stetter India launched several new products at the biggest industry events in the country, such as BC India Expo 2013 and Excon 2013. Despite the global economic slowdown, Schwing Stetter India has launched eleven new products over the last one year, in order to meet the requirements and demands of our customers. In concrete pumps we came up with the models SP1300, SP3000, TSM 20.8, SP1600 and SP3600 while in batching plants we offered CP45, H1J, CP30, M1-C and HN1 and we introduced a 7 cu. m transit mixer.

What can we expect in terms of launches in 2014 – give us an understanding of their features?


At Schwing Stetter India, we have always catered to the needs of our customers, and we accordingly come up with innovative products to meet the needs of the market. Our company will continue to anticipate and meet our customers’ expectations, and you can therefore expect various  new equipment launches in the near future.



Tell us about the projects where your concrete equipment products are being used?


Our equipment is being used in various projects across the country. Schwing Stetter India’s products have made an impact in nearly all of India’s metrorail projects, whether Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or  Cochin. Our products were also used in the construction of various Indian airport projects such as Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Goa. Most high-rise constructions in India today are being constructed using Schwing Stetter equipment. Our equipment has been used in notable  projects such as Kohinoor Towers, Ahuja Towers, Delhi-One, and GIFT City. Many hydropower projects, tunnels, roads and bridges have also been constructed using Schwing Stetter equipment.



In 2014 what will be your strategies to market your products? Which are the new geographies and projects your will be targeting?


India is a vast country and many areas are yet to catch up with the rest of the nation in terms of mechanisation. We plan to popularise the use of our machines in such areas where mechanisation is not yet prevalent.

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