20 May 2019

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Interaction-Devendra Jain, Executive Director & CEO, Dilip Buildcon Ltd

The ZUARI BRIDGE will be one of a kind and become Goa’s chief tourist attraction

Dilip Buildcon Ltd (DBL) is one of the leading Public sector road-focused EPC contractors in the country with about 78.44 per cent continuous year-on-year growth over the last four years. The company is present across the country in diverse areas such as roads, bridges, water sanitation, sewage, irrigation, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. 

DEVENDRA JAIN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND CEO, DILIP BUILDCON LTD spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK on the company’s latest project the Zuari Cable Stayed Bridge, giving an insight into the various novel methods, equipment, technological innovations and adept know-how imbibed into this prestigious project.


Kindly enlighten us with details regarding Zuari Cable Stayed Bridge Project your company has bagged.

We at Dilip Buildcon Ltd (DBL) a Bhopal-based firm and one of the leading Public sector Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company in India, have bagged an EPC contract worth Rs.545.40 cr. from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India for the construction of the Zuari Cable Stayed Bridge including approaches across the river ZUARI on NH-17/ NH 66 on Panjim – Mangalore section in the State of GOA (Package: II, Ch. 530/850 to ch 531/934.) on EPC Mode. In addition, DBL has bagged EPC Contracts worth Rs.440.10cr for the Construction of North approaches connecting new Zuari Bridge from Ch.522/615 to Ch.530/850 (Package I) and Rs.417.60 Cr for the Construction of South approaches connects the new Zuari Bridge from Ch.531/934 to Ch.536/250 (Package III) from MoRTH, Government of India. All the 3 packages of 13.635 km stretch (approaches and cable stayed Bridge) on NH-17/NH-66 on Panjim-Mangalore Section will be constructed by DBL.


What role will INGEROP and Dr. Dewai Chen play in this project?

For this project, DBL has engaged ERVAN VICAT from France in the capacity of Design Director, a well experienced designer with experience of 20 over years in the field of Bridges including cable stay across many countries. INGEROP (France), a reputed and experienced Design consultant along with Infinite Civil solutions Pvt ltd, India and Multimedia Consultants, India are the Design consultants appointed by DBL.

DBL engaged Shanghai Tonggang Bridge Technology Co Ltd headed by Dr. Dewai Chen, who is also a professor, Tongji University, Shanghai, China having a vast experience in construction of cable stay bridges. He will proof check all the designs and drawings produced by the design consultants.

What is the role played by MOSTOBUDIVELNYI ZAHIN LTD (MBZ) in the project?

Dilip Buildcon has joined hands with a Ukrainian based company, Mostobudivelnyi Zahin Ltd (MBZ) with a 74 per cent and 26 per cent stake respectively, to construct the cable stay bridge. MBZ has plenty of experience in construction of bridges including suspension bridge of 840m with a central span of 520m and will be the technical partner to Dilip Buildcon Ltd for this project. MBZ involvement is to support in design, technical matters and execution.


Please elaborate on the best practices, building materials and unique construction technologies to be utilised in the project’s execution?

Soil Investigation (Bore piles) is being carried out over Temporary Steel platforms.

Temporary Steel walkway of 2m wide for about of 500m is under construction connecting both side embankments and Pylon foundation locations for construction logistics.

Fabricated Piling Gantries will be erected over Temporary platform at pile locations and piling will be carried out with Piling Gantries and Piling Rig in the river.

Group of 70 over numbers of 2.0m Dia concrete piles will be carried out as the foundation for 2 pylon structures at each side of the Bridge.

Tentatively 86.3 x 26.3 x 4.5m, a mega pile cap will be carried out to cater 2 Pylon structures.

This mega Pile cap pour is planned in stages and the usage of Glass fibre reinforcement technology is under review to mitigate potential corrosion in Construction joint.

Group of 40 over numbers of concrete piles will be carried out at the end span locations.
Concreting will be carried out by pumping through pipe from embankment.

Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture will be used in Concrete to mitigate corrosion.

Tower cranes will be established on each side for the construction of 2-100M high Concrete Pylons.

Carriage way is planned with Composite Deck slab of Steel girders and Precast Concrete slab on top. Steel Girders of size 27x12x2.4m of approximate weight 125mt will be fabricated at site using advanced Robotic welding equipment and the total estimated quantity of Girder fabrication is about 12,500mt. Fabricated Girders will be shifted to Barge and will get erected in position by the set of Lifting frames.

Erection will start from the Pylon and continue in both sides.

Stay pipes, Cables and Stay anchors will get installed and stressing will be carried out as per design requirements.


Please elaborate on the procedural and technical difficulties associated with this project and your strategies to overcome them.

Soil strata variations are volatile in the stretch and the piling in these strata will be a bit tricky. To overcome this problem, we are proposing 2 different methodologies as per the actual strata encountered.

Routine Tide level variation delays the progress of works as the water level limits the Barge and Boat movements. DBL engaged 2nd Barge of low height with Tug boat to expedite the progress of works.


What are the other challenges you foresee in the implementation of this project?

Handling current Traffic to Public convenience during construction of approaches will be a challenge.


Please provide details regarding the financial strategy employed for this project and challenges faced for the same.

The central government is funding the project and MoRTH / Central Government Authorities likely to collect User fee through toll plaza, the construction of toll plaza is a part of the contract in approaches of Pkg. 1.No challenges anticipated at this stage.

Please name the suppliers of construction equipment, technology and other service providers who are assisting you in the construction of the project.


  • 55x15m Dumb Barge-owned by DBL
  • 12x8m Dumb Barge- owned by DBL
  • 60x13m Dumb Barge- hired by DBL
  • MAIT Piling Rigs- owned by DBL
  • Tower Cranes for 110m are planned
  • Orders have been placed for advanced (Robotic) Welding system equipment’s are being imported from different countries.

System Providers: Cable Stay system suppliers (Under discussion stage)


Could you also name a few partners who are supporting you in the project’s execution?

No partners in the execution of work. Only Cable stay system supplier will be engaged as service providers.


Could you share with us the current status of the project with respect to project milestones and timelines?

Mobilisation, Soil Investigation, Temporary walkway installation works are in progress.

Site development– Batching plant and all Site facility works are going on.

Test Pile in River planned for Dec 16.

Timeline- 36 Months as per contract with the start date of 11th April 2016.

Land acquisition, hindrances clearing, utilities shifting pending in approach spans and DBL is working with Authorities for smooth execution.


Please mention the progressive impacts of the Zuari Cable Stayed Bridge project?

Zuari Cable stayed bridge is a project of high demand as the existing Zuari Bridge which is in poor condition does not cater to heavy vehicles.

New Zuari Bridge will be with 4 + 4 Lane Dual carriage way at 14m high from water level with 100m High Pylons with Lights and Colored Cable stays. Spectacular Tourist Observatory gallery and Museum is planned at 110m high tower in the bridge which will be unique and would be a potential Tourist attraction in Goa.


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