04 April 2020

Interaction-PL Muthusekkar, MD, Nord Drivesystems

Innovation and quality have always been the hallmark of Nord drive solutions

Nord Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd. (NDPL), the 100 per cent India subsidiary of Getriebebau Nord, a global leader in drive systems was established in the year 2005 at Hinjewadi, Pune to serve customers in India locally and in the SAARC countries. The company’s client spread includes almost every industry such as cement, steel, metals, infrastructure, packaging, airports, pharma, chemical, pumps, effluent treatment, material handling, robotics, cranes, automobile, dairy, beverage, packaged food, agriculture, and many more. PL MUTHUSEKKAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES



What are the ranges of products – manufactured by your firm with reference to the cement sector?

Cement based materials are essential for sustainable building. However, cement manufacturing is a sophisticated process whose individual stages require a great deal of energy. This makes energy costs one of the largest cost factors for the industry. While considering drive units which can stand up to harsh conditions and are also especially highly energy-efficient.

NORD Products are as below:-

  • High efficiency super premium motors, IE2,IE3,& IE4
  • Helical Gear Units
  • Intelligent decentralized drives.
  • Parallel Shaft gear unit
  • 3 stage Bevel gear units
  • Industrial Gear units



What are the current requirements for your products in India’s cement sector?

Comprehensive range of products and equipments are utilised in various applications such as automation, material handling, conveyors, mixtures and packaging etc. There is a range of process instrumentation, weightage and analytical devices offered by companies to cover electrical, automation, drive and instrumentation systems. When it comes to manufactured you need a partner to deliver efficiency, reliability and ruggedness for profitable business. NORD deliver drive units which can stand up to harsh conditions and are also especially energy-efficient and offer total cost of ownerships. The product range includes geared motors, motors, frequency inverters; providing optimal drives solutions to our customers. NORD makes more standard catalogue items and includes mechanical, electrical and electronic products in drive systems. Client spreads include almost every industry NORD as a brand is very well known for manufacturing drive systems of highest quality standards offering Engineering Services and AMCs and is a preferred brand for many of the world’s famous OEMs. With award winning product lines backed up by intensive R&D and dedicated application engineering services.



Tell us about your manufacturing units, their current capacities and investments? What is the emphasis you place on environment and sustainability?

NORD Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd (NDPL) is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Getriebebau NORD (GBN). A world class facility was established in the year 2005 at Hinjewadi / Pune, the engineering capital of India, to serve the customers in India and SAARC countries. Getriebebau Nord (GBN) has 36 subsidiaries, Euro 540 million turnover (2015 business year) and a team of 3200 people spread in over 60 countries – all in a span of 50 years since its inception. The product range includes Geared Motors, Motors, Frequency Inverters; providing optimal drives solutions to our customers. Nord India has a production capacity of more than 24000 units per year and includes mechanical, electrical and electronic products in drive systems. Client spreads include almost every industry such as Steel and metals, infrastructure, cement, material handling, robotics, cranes, automobiles, dairy, beverage, packaged food, agriculture, airport, renewable energy, textile and many more. NORD India completely understand its responsibility towards nature, NORD has eco-friendly packaging policy and affluent recycle waste water treatment and our Air handling units controlled by drives to utilise optimum energy. Also, NORD provide automatic sensor light for auto cutoff function. While considered importance of natural energy we had constructed our plant accordingly it doesn’t required electrical lights during day working hours, also NORD systems contributing in making the environment green by many tree saplings every quarter through our ‘’Go Green Mission’’. Also, our internal award and recognition for employees usually accompanied with plants.



What is the present growth trend witnessed in the cement market? Give us an assessment on the demand-supply scenario in the cement sector in India?

Though current market situation slightly over capacity, however in the construction space, cement is doing better than other sectors in terms of end- user demand. Also typically when monsoons are good, there is expectation of a pickup in construction activity over the next few months. In FY16, demand growth rate at 9.8 per cent is expected to outpace supply growth at 6.7 per cent, improving realisations. The environment-friendly blended cement is more cost-efficient to produce, as it requires lesser input of clinker and energy which is growing with significant importance. Considering overall growth, demand and seasonal variation, it is expected that cement industry would grow and do well in the near future.


As a company, give us a sense of the emphasis you have placed on R&D, innovation and sustainability.

With a complex drive systems are concerned, high dynamics and precision, perfect synchronisation and extreme reliability are required, with our best research and development team NORD fulfils throughout the world, Also NORD believes in considering continuous feedback from customers, employees as well as their competitors it always helps to keep improvement in products and services, with best research and innovations we always meet best quality products to our customers.



What are the USP’s of your products vis-a-vis competition?

With our aim to strive for maximum customer satisfaction, we offer quality products that helped us develop a strong customer base all across the globe. The reasons as below:-

  • International norms of quality – Single Product global warranty
  • Use of latest technology–energy efficiency
  • Sound infrastructure– Pre and post sales support across globe
  • Timely delivery–Prompt response management
  • Flexible dimension
    As per customer request– Optimum selection from our standard range
  • Expert guidance– Value added services and total cost of ownership



Tell us about the challenges faced by manufacturers like you while introducing/marketing any new products into the market? To what extent is cost a deterrent?
The success of a business is dependent on the speed of supply chain, dedicated management centres which carries out quality checks, reliability and customers’ satisfaction. NORD also faced some risk and challenges as we are a responsible company and quickly adapt to the market need being an midsize company and a lean team, family owned business where levels are quite flat which helps to take quick decisions and move forward. While considering cost it is certainly a major factor we do work on continuous basis to control the cost and offers customers value for money products. Product Life Cycle management and trouble free operations will compliment.

Nord come with new ideas and Innovations and we proudly represent “MAXX DRIVE INDUSTRIAL GEAR UNIT”, Maxxdive is our successful product which high precision, long life with low maintenance for industry heavy duty applications. It mainly used in materials transport belt, plate, screw and chain conveyers, bucket conveyers stack conveyers and reloading excavators, also bulk handling, pumps, cranes, hoists winch, water and waste industry, mining industry, paper industry, timber, steel, sugar, chemical industry etc.



Nord Maxxdrive Industrial Gear units having

  • All bearing points and sealing surfaces are machined in a single operation
  • No separating joints in the housing, no sealing surfaces subject to torque, virtually leak free.
  • High-precision axis alignment for quiet running
  • Long life, low maintenance, thus no requirement of split housing
  • Parallel axis and right- angle gear units.

Advantages of NORD MAXXDRIVE Industrial gear units

  • Greater precision due to FEW optimised Torsional rigid housing.
  • Unicase one – piece housing design up to 291000Nm.
  • Lower weight than jointed housing gear unit.
  • Longer bearing life than jointed housing gear unit.
  • Various seal systems, E.g. Taconite.
  • Noise – optimized bevel gear (HPG/Wiener)
  • Optional Axil or Radial Fans
  • Greater reliability through the use of synthetic oils, lower maintenance due to longer oil life.
  • Option for attaching the flange- mounted pump (For oil supply to the bearings) for longitudinal.
  • 360 degree mounting.

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