05 June 2020

Interaction-Chander Dutta, MD, Elematic India

Elematic is a technology provider of repute and can offer expertise and resources to partner large housing projects

Elematic India is a part of Elematic Oyj based in Finland, a world leader in manufacturing of precast concrete plants and production lines.  With more than 50 years of operations, the company has supplied technology to over 100 countries and to every continent. The turnover of the company, which employs roughly 230 people, is approximately 100 million euros, of which exports generate 95 per cent. Elematic Oyj has daughter companies and own sales offices in the USA, Germany, China, Russia, India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates as well as agents in over 20 countries.  The company has production units in Finland and India. CHANDER DUTTA, MD, ELEMATIC INDIA responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries


Very specifically give us an understanding about your products/solutions offered for the Affordable housing sector? What share does affordable housing form of your total business?

Affordable housing in our definition has to be high quality compact homes that provide high quality living to residents. Precast technology provides this at a total cost that is really affordable, completed within budgeted time line with a huge reduction in material usage as well as labour cost.


How is the affordable housing segment shaping up in India given the fact that 90 per cent of demand for homes in India today is for affordable housing?

Due to regulatory issues and cost of land, affordable homes in urban areas are yet to take off in a big way. No doubt this will be the biggest revolution in the Housing segment as there is plenty of demand in this segment and I am sure Government and private builders will find a way to tap into this huge demand.

Elematic is a technology provider of repute and can offer expertise and resources to partner for such large housing projects. We already have gained valuable experience working with builders and contractors of repute. Project reference: 30,000 homes by B.G.Shirke built for DDA in NCR area – completed in 3 years


How will the recent government measures impact this segment? What are the trends emerging on this front & where is it expected to go in the next 3 years? What are the roadblocks & challenges that are still impeding the growth of this segment?

Government and Industry bodies have to understand the benefits of technology in Construction and we believe that without the adoption of Technology, you cannot address the huge demand that is looming up. Govt. can make it mandatory to use technology in Affordable housing projects and that will streamline the entire sector.

Precast allows you to have offsite production of buildings and hence cut down time to delivery and hence costs.

Government can allow a special status to builders and contractors who adopt technology as it is the need of the hour.

Not only do we need mega projects in housing to be implemented, we also need technology and planning to be a part of this process.


Could you name few of key landmark projects and also name a few of your ongoing and projects in pipeline?

Precast projects that are of significance using Elematic Precast Technology

  • Embassy IT building 1.5 million sq.ft, BUA by KEF at Bangalore
  • 30,000 houses by B.G.Shirke for DDA at Delhi
  • Jindal hostel buildings at Delhi by Jindal Realty at NCR
  • Nestle Factory building at NCR


Have you made any recent addition to your product line? If yes, then kindly detail us about its features and its elements which make it standout from its counterparts in the market?

  • We have introduced the SEMI system of precast production that caters to the needs of a site based production facility. We also have introduced KVT system of wall and slab production catering to the residential segment.
    You can find more information on www.elematic.com
  • This technology has project dedicated plant which allows rationalization of taxes duties and transport costs. With our manufacturing facility at Alwar Rajasthan, we are able to bring down the costs while maintaining the same high quality.
  • We are able to start a precast plant with an Investment of Rs. 1 crore too as per customer’s requirements.



Citing few case studies and point out the benefits accrued – in terms of ease in installation, savings in cost and maintenance, time involvement?

The biggest advantage of precast construction is the Speed of execution. In most of the projects using precast construction technology, we have seen the following advantages

  • 50 per cent faster construction compared to traditional construction projects
  • Higher Turnover and throughput
  • 1/10th of labour
  • Elimination of plaster and masonry work
  • High mechanisation


The growing importance on Green Buildings has influenced construction. What are the energy efficient features offered through your products/solutions in maintaining environmental/energy efficiency in structures?

Precast concrete is inherently a green product

  • Use of Fly ash
  • Insulation in walls
  • Low wastage(less than 2 per cent )
  • Higher mechanization
  • Durable concrete structure and high quality of buildings


How do you expect the market to shape up in the coming years? What are the company’s future plans to expand and strengthen your business in India?

  • We strongly believe that Precast construction has a strong potential of success in India and we believe in the India story.
  • We have a 90 member team providing complete services from Technology to Engineering support. We are the only company having a strong local support.
  • Elematic has invested in the” Make in India “program by having a manufacturing facility at Alwar Rajasthan. This factory supplies all the fabricated elements and the Wall production moulds allowing rationalization of costing
  • We are a strong partner who can hand hold the client in implementing precast construction successfully.

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