29 May 2020

Pre-Event Report-IBMS 2016

Bridging platform


1st Biennial Conference on Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS 2016) will take place between the 4-5th October, 2016 at New Delhi. The 2 day conference is being organised by Asset Management Technologies, a research wing of IDDC Engineers Pvt. Ltd.




The first Biennial Conference aims to bring together Bridge Engineering Professional from the four sectors –academia, the public sector non-government organisations and the private sector together under one roof to discuss various aspects related to the repair, rehabilitation, retrofitting or replacement of India’s bridge assets.

The event is being held within a year of the Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) being established by the Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways (MoRTH) for betterment of the highway network and will strive to act as a platform for stakeholders from the four sectors to put forward their suggestions and research findings that can assist MoRTH to fine tune the platform better.

IBMS 2016 is divided into two parts:

Inaugural Function: First day of the event will witness the official launch of IBMS. This will be followed by a short AV presentation on IBMS and felicitation of all participating agencies who have worked to make IBMS the largest single database of the world.


Release of IBMS knowledge Document 2016: A special compilation of state of- art research findings contributed by experts in the field of Bridge Management.

Session 1 : IBMS – Growth Driver for Bridge Fraternity

Session 2: BMS State of Art – International Scenario

Session 3: Non Destructive Testing and Equipment

Session 4: Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of Bridges

Session 5: Emerging Technologies for Bridge Management and Maintenance

Session 6: Concluding Session: CE-BM, Skill Development, Panel Discussion



IBMS is the world’s largest Bridge database owned by a single owner with an inventory or over 120,000 bridges and culverts. It has been developed by IDDC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. with software inputs from Primera Software Inc. of USA through their fully owned Indian subsidy Primera Software Solutions.

IBMS is developed to create an inventory of all bridge assets in India and apply a technical logic to manage the bridge asset during its life cycle. It generates detailed inventory data and condition ratings of assets to ensure that the dynamics of deterioration process are captured and this dynamism in the deterioration process guides the inspection and rehabilitation of bridges. The system allows the user to assign priority to maintenance activity based on the present condition of the bridge.



  • Maintain Bridge inventory and network in an efficient manner
  • Guarantee safety of the users for specified risks.
  • Determine inspection and maintenance needs
  • Ensure level of service
  • Predict future needs of funds
  • Optimise fund utilisation
  • Prioritise asset for maintenance needs
  • Predict balance service life and optimize its life cycle costs
  • Provide accurate and real time information of the asset to users and owners


NH network is about 2 per cent of the road network in India. The way forward is to implement IBMS on all state highways and also on all Major district roads so that at best 50 per cent of road network can be brought under the gambit of IBMS which will ensure that IBMS is Protecting Indian Bridges.


For more details contact:

Email: ibms2016@iddcindia.com


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