04 July 2020

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WAMGROUP offers a One-stop solution for waste water treatment plant


High grit recovery ratio in waste water treatment


SPECO®, a division of WAMGROUP was asked to replace an old grit classifier in a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) close to Varese in northern Italy. The WWTP plant was originally designed for 160,000 p.e. with a flow rate of approximately 1700 m3/h. The pre-treatment line is equipped with three screw pumps and three coarse screens with 20mm mesh, followed by a grit chamber. The existing air lifts and the grit classifier were designed for a work cycle of once every hour. Because of frequent rain in the surrounding area—the plant is close to the Alps— there is an increase of the flow intake of the WWTP and subsequent additional operating time of the grit classifier (up to 4 times per hour). This causes an increase of the flow rate to the grit classifier with a low sedimentation and extracting ratio. The customer looked for a compact solution that was selfadjusting to the flow rate variation.



For this application, the solution suggested by SPECO® was the new compact GRITSEP® FGC 015 at a maximum flow rate of 15 l/s (54 m3/h).



After being lifted from the sewers, waste water is processed by two of the three coarse screens. Due to the wide mesh of the bars (approx. 20mm) a large amount of solids passes through. In the subsequent stage the solids settle in a grit chamber. From there the material is transferred through a couple of air lift systems by gravity to the GRITSEP® FGC 015. Thanks to a built-in fluid dynamic system, GRITSEP® FGC 015 is able to self-adjust the separation ratio to the variation in the incoming flow rate ensuring grit extraction of over 90 per cent reaching peaks of 95 per cent. The solids are then collected in a bin whereas the liquid fraction flows to the subsequent aerobic treatment stage of the WWTP.



By installing GRITSEP® FGC 015 the system is now able to handle different low rates ranging from 45 up to 69 m3/h with one machine only. Grit extraction is always close to 95 per cent even if the flow rate exceeds the declared design value. The GRITSEP® FGC 015 manages extraction of grit, plastic, paper and small fibrous materials such as cigarette filters. Moreover, considering that this type of machine generally works discontinuously, the customer emphasises that in the first year the machine has been continuously working for approximately 6000 hours.


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