01 June 2020

Interaction-Chander Dutta, MD, Elematic India

Our precast technologies enable faster and economical construction “Smart Evolution”

Elematic India is a part of Elematic Oyj based in Finland, a world leader in manufacturing of precast concrete plants and production lines.  With more than 50 years of operations, the company has supplied technology to over 100 countries and to every continent. The turnover of the company, which employs roughly 230 people, is approximately 100 million euros, of which exports generate 95 per cent. Elematic Oyj has daughter companies and own sales offices in the USA, Germany, China, Russia, India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates as well as agents in over 20 countries.  The company has production units in Finland and India. CHANDER DUTTA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, ELEMATIC INDIA responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries


Give us a brief background of your company, products offered and also share with us few details about your manufacturing units – location, capacities and investments?

ELEMATIC OY is a Finland based company and leader in Precast Technology established in 1959. Elematic has footprint in more than 100 countries and has delivered more than 3600 installations of Precast Plant and Machinery.

In India Elematic has a presence since 2007, offering technology and complete services for implementing precast construction. Elematic has established 20 operational plants across India. Under the Make in India program, Elematic has established a manufacturing facility at Alwar, Rajasthan for precast machinery. Elematic in India has a 90 member team offering complete support and services for precast technology. We are the only company that has such a strong local presence.

Elematic offers complete services, handholding from initial consultation, technology and engineering services for implementing Precast Technology.

Elematic precast plant and machinery is used in manufacturing of the following Precast Elements;

  • Pre stressed Hollow core slab and solid slab on long line production system
  • Precast wall and slab production on Carousal system/KVT
  • Precast column and Beam production
  • Precast Staircase and Lift shafts
  • Partition wall Technology using Acotec plant

Elematic has the capacity to deliver the full range of Precast Technology and holds 450 patents that allow you to manufacture building structures for faster and economical construction that we call as “Smart Evolution”


How smart and efficient are your products. What is your company’s focus on R& D and technological innovations and what are your strategies to market your firm’s product and services going forward across India and overseas markets?

Elematic being a market leader keeps investing in new innovations and R&D to come out with advanced system and upgraded products. Localisation plays an important part of strategy, so that markets served locally with products that address the current needs.

We believe in partnering with the customer and offering them complete support in making them successful.

We also invest in resources that help us understand the emerging trends and latent needs.


Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.

Elematic Precast production systems are simple to operate, highly scalable and can be customized based on client expectations. Elematic Precast Technology has brought manufacturing into building construction. It offers systematic approach to building structures that till date is site based and inherently inefficient.

Factory production of building elements allows complete control on Cost - time and material being used resulting in production of durable and high quality buildings built at high speeds and high mechanisation.

Elematic technology is advanced system of Precast and offers

  • High quality, robust systems offering reliability in production
  • Low cost buildings using long span system
  • Flexibility and scalability of plant
  • High production to capital investment – High ROI


Could you name a few clients and projects your company has been associated with and the benefits accrued to them?

KEF – Tamil Nadu/ Amrapali- Delhi/ BG Shrike- New Delhi- are few of our existing clients who have high volume of production due to large project implementation. Our strong after sales support and high quality of machinery has allowed them reach full potential of production and execution of large projects in a time bound manner.


Tell us of the new products you intend to introduce and the geographical markets where you are planning to push them?

Two of the interesting products that have caught the imagination of our prospects is the KVT system of precast wall production and Acotec partition wall system for replacement of block and AAC products. We already have a few installations of these lines in India and expect this to be highly beneficial to clients. These are innovations that offer high production, portability and competitive cost to clients. You can find more information on our website www.elematic.com


What is the present growth trend witnessed in the precast concrete sector? Give us an assessment on the demand-supply gap in the precast concrete sector in India?

India is a high growth market, notwithstanding the slowdown we witness currently, our existing clients are pretty busy serving their markets where we see a spurt in demand for Time bound quality projects. Currently we see high demand in the commercial and Industrial segment and in time due to the Government initiatives and shift in demand towards affordable homes there seems to be a positive demand scenario building up


In which sectors do you expect demand for your products in the coming years?

Housing/ commercial / Hospitality are some of the segments we see demand coming up.


Tell us about the challenges faced by manufacturers like you while introducing/marketing any new products into the market? To what extent is cost a deterrent?

Acceptability of Technology and the change in existing culture is what we see as the barrier. But with timely and quality construction being built into the contract, technology is the only way to go. High Volume construction and shortage of skilled labour also augers well to adoption of precast technology.


How do you expect the market to shape up for the precast concrete sector in India?

Coming years should see an uptick of precast technology construction. Mechanisation and automation of construction will become order of the day, this is the path every developed country has taken and we see this happening in India too.

Elematic has a high confidence in the path India is taking and in the growth prospects this country offers. We are ready with the resources to serve the needs of the customer.

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