03 June 2020


The latest advancements in elevators

Schindler is pioneer in developing and applying sustainable technologies for clean urban mobility solutions. To improve energy efficiency, Schindler uses materials that have lower environmental impact and can be disposed in ecologically sound manner. The development of much lighter components has resulted in further energy savings.


Schindler product offering ranges from cost-effective solutions for low-rise residential buildings to sophisticated access and destination control for multifunctional high-rise buildings. Real estate developers increasingly prefer gearless & machine-room-less (MRL) elevators over the traditional elevators which require machine room on top of the building. This offers them more flexibility to design the building, and ensures an overall saving in cost and time for our customers.

Schindler’s Miconic-10 hall call destination system optimizes people mobility within buildings & thus leads to reduction in energy consumption. Our third generation – the revolutionary PORT transit management system – now interconnects the entire building & provides architects with new possibilities in vertical mobility management and security planning.


Planning of High Rise & High Speed Elevators

Elevator is literally the lifeline of a building and the breakthroughs in elevator technology have made it possible for the buildings to grow tall. The important part here is to plan for the correct number and specifications of elevators, considering the type of building, it’s tenancy, population etc. The reason why this is so crucial is because once the elevators are installed, it is extremely difficult to change, or add more elevators without making substantial changes to the building structure.

With Schindler's advanced traffic analysis tool based on real-time simulation, Schindler adds a lot of value on this front, by helping our customers to plan for the optimum elevator configuration while designing their buildings.Professional project management is the key to timely completion of project with proper coordination with all concerned agencies. Here Schindler employs dedicated project managers as single point of contact for our customers to ensure that the projects are well planned and executed on time with highest quality and safety standards.


Landmark Projects

Schindler India has over the years, gained the trust of leading builders & developers across the country. The reason they have chosen Schindler as their partners in large and high-rise projects is because of the organization’s expertise in managing such projects, through dedicated project management teams. Our four state-of-the-art training centres, in Noida, Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai respectively, ensure that every Schindler fitter and service technician is trained and certified to work on our equipment. Schindler customers are aware that their elevators are in safe and capable hands.

Schindler has been a partner in several prestigious infrastructure projects in India, like the new Mumbai International Airport, Terminal-2, the Chennai International Airport, the Delhi Metro, the Delhi Airport Metro, the Mumbai Monorail, the Kolkata International Airport, as well as the Mumbai and Bengaluru metros.

 Schindler’s expertise in high-rise projects is evident from the landmark high rise buildings such as Shreepati Arcade, Antilia, Imperial Towers, Wave One, Brigade Gateway and its recent win of World Trade Center Mumbai where the company will be replacing existing elevators. The company is also proud to be associated with the tallest residential building in the world – The World Towers, which will be equipped with high speed Schindler elevators (S7000), some of them running at a speed of 8 m/sec, the fastest in India.

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