01 June 2020

Spotlight-CCS India

SMART solutions


For over 35 years, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has provided essential software solutions to the construction industry. CCS’ two leading software products include BuildSmart, a Cost Management System and Candy - a Construction Estimating and Project control system. These form an integrated solution from first estimate to final accounts.


CCS solutions are used in over 50 countries by more than 1000 contracting and consulting companies, to minimise risk, increase accuracy and maximise profit. Over 14,000 CCS systems are used worldwide every day to achieve tangible benefits in cost and time savings and an all-important competitive advantage in one of the most variable and inconsistent industries.


Users, from small/medium construction companies to some of the largest construction entities in the world, have implemented CCS solutions on some of the biggest and most prestigious projects on the planet. CCS has been used on typically large jobs such as highways, dams, airports (Dubai, Heathrow), sports stadiums, waterways (Panama Canal extensions) and High-rise buildings (BurjKhalifa).


The CCS teams are comprised of experienced, construction industry professionals. Interaction between users and system designers is encouraged to ensure the solutions stay abreast of user requirements and developing industry trends.


How does the software aid the construction/ design process?

CCS Candy and BuildSmart together include modules for Estimating, Planning, Valuations, Forecasting, Cash flow, Procurement, Accounting, Wages, Plant, Yard and Stock management and document control. Separately, these are available from a myriad of suppliers, but what distinguishes CCS from all other software offerings is the degree of interconnectedness of these modules. BuildSmart is unique and sets itself apart from your typical general accounting ERP systems in that it is customised and designed to cater for the unique demands of construction where information is project based, needs to be tracked by activity as well as cost type, is being produced and processed in many different locations, and is needed by management in real-time for effective cost control. This highly scalable system seamlessly integrates all functions and stages of the construction processes and is entirely focused on and designed for construction – it is not a set of relational databases pressed onto construction people. Because the construction process is unique, complex and organic, and more crucially because CCS has developed and perfected this system for over 30 years through a highly interactive and consultative process with the industry, CCS manages the numerous links between all functions and all the people involved in the construction process in a systemic way based on how these things were done manually.


Main target users/user group

Construction contractors and subcontractors, i.e. General or Building Contractors, Civil or Infrastructure contractors and MEP contractors


How many clients use both Candy and BuildSmart as an Integrated Cost Management Solution (ICMS)?

A good number of clients use both Candy and BuildSmart as an Integrated Cost Management solution because by using only 1 product, Candy or BuildSmart, in isolation, you are only getting half the picture, or as we say, half the truth. To take the project from the Estimate to the final account with accurate cost control Candy AND BuildSmart are the solutions to have. Large Groups in the region cover a multiple number of industries with construction being only part of their portfolio. CCS being construction specific, can only target and meet the demands of the construction leg of these groups. CCS has recognized this and has the functionality available to completely manage the construction business interests of these diverse Groups in our unique software and at the same time incorporate or merge the BuildSmart financials into or with, the legacy/ERP systems maintained by these groups, increasing the number of Users using both Candy and BuildSmart.


With an increasing number of companies turning to Building Information Modelling (BIM), has CCS software been upgraded to integrate with BIM?

The most important aspect of a tender is to quantify it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it, hence the quantification of work being crucial. BIM done properly can provide an excellent and easily accessible source for electronic quantification and our Candy product integrates with both 2D drawings and 3D models to provide a seamless integration between quantities and the items or work.


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