17 January 2020

Spotlight-Godrej Construction

App-rising enterprise


Godrej Construction App writes a new chapter in India’s RMC history.


The various challenges faced by customers in Ready Mix Concrete Related Support Services in the Indian Construction Industry are placing of orders, planning concrete pours, delivery tracking, checking outstanding payments etc. Godrej Construction App hopes to bring in a positive change by offering a mobile app which enables efficient and easily operable solutions to these qualms.
The ever evolving construction industry is benefitted by the current era’s smartphone boom. Improving efficiency, reducing costs and speeding up project timelines with mobile solutions is only a choice away. This technology is being used to track daily activities and critical information that helps better collaboration between crew in the allotted workspace and at the office.


Benefits of the Godrej Construction App:

  • The option of placing orders in the app has proper fields provided such as grade, structural member, time, date. So proper booking can be made without confusion. The benefit with the new app is that booking gets registered online and orders are dispatched the very next day. Digitisation enables proper function in this arena as it is not subjected to delays owning to information miswritten or by incomprehension or because of the ignorance of the staff in charge and other related issues.
  • Gathering real-time information with regard to procurement of the RMC such as booking an order, following up on the delivery status are simplified with the Godrej Construction App. Concerns which cause project delays and put projects on hold can be brought to light and keep construction on schedule.
  • The chances of mishearing an order will be sorted. When all parties involved in the project have access to the same information at the same time, errors are reduced and issues requiring attention can be addressed faster.
  • Construction companies can save time
  • spent on data entry, arranging information for reporting and misplacing paperwork. Increased back-office efficiency allows projects to be completed on time and within the allotted budget.
  • GPS locations and time spent on-site can all be consistently monitored with mobile apps. This improves accountability and reduces cost with mobile timesheets that record clock-in/clock-out times to the minute.
  • Godrej Construction App can maximise the use of equipment through better management and tracking. Real-time information about maintenance schedules, availability, and equipment locations help to improve inventory planning and use.
  • This app enables easy methodisation of keeping a track on outstanding bills. Payments can be made before the due date so suppliers are not hindered from making deliveries which ensures continuous supplies required onsite and projects can be completed on or before time.


Irrespective of several players present in the manufacturing industry, ready mix concrete and other material suppliers, Godrej Construction App is the first ever app of its kind. Project managers assert that they have never seen anything like it before. It takes away a mammoth fraction of the strenuous efforts required to track orders. They consider it a great gesture by Godrej. It is rather surprising to project managers that other suppliers have not come up with this idea beforehand. A new period in India’s RMC history has begun owing to the availability of Godrej Construction App.


About Godrej Construction:

The Construction Materials Business of Godrej Construction was established in the year 1997, the company is one of the first concrete manufacturers in the country to have the certification for Integrated Management System which includes certification for ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 OHSAS: 18001 & QCI. Godrej Construction is also the first in the industry to bag accolades in CII-EXIM Business Excellence assessments. The company manufactures 15 types of concrete products under the Brand name “TUFF”. Godrej Construction also manufactures Walling Solutions - TUFFBLOCKS AAC, TUFF Easyfix block binding mortar and TUFF Duroplast Ready Mix Plaster. Having 9 state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Mumbai and Pune, the company is committed to delivering high quality concrete that always meets the customer’s requirements.


For more details contact:

Email: rmc@godrej.com

Website: www.godrejconstruction.com

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