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Spotlight-CCS India

CCS prioritises collaboration to provide end user with best of breed solution


Since 1978 Construction Computer Software (CCS), with over 15,000 users in more than 50 countries including many of the world’s largest companies, has focused on dedicated software solutions specifically designed for the construction and mining industries. CCS software has been used on typically large jobs such as highways, dams, airports, sports stadiums, waterways such as the Panama Canal extensions, high-rise buildings (Burj Khalifa), Green Point Stadium (Cape Town), Golden Ears Bridge (Canada) by large contractors such as Bilfinger Berger, Balfour Beatty, Billiton, Bechtel and Hochtief among others.



Specific/priority areas of software solution collaboration which CCS is pushing for in 2016:

CCS has long prioritised collaboration and as such believes that expert solutions coupled with the CCS core modules provide the end user with the best of breed solution. In the areas of 3D modelling, Quantity take-off and budget cost determination CCS has over a number of years now produced integrated solutions that seamlessly extract data from third party source, and produce extremely accurate and detailed estimates with a high level of data integrity. Also, in the fields of Human Resource Management, Time and Attendance Management, Document Management and Business Intelligence third party solution providers operating in conjunction with the CCS development team have produced stunning applications that produce timely and accurate results.  



Overview of new software which facilitates greater integration and sharing of documents across various systems like EDMS (enterprise document-management system) technology, BIM (building information modeling) process, Revit and mobile apps:
The sharing of these silos of information in conjunction with a lively development environment has resulted in aspects like BIM forming an integral part of the CCS QTO (Quantity Take Off) process allowing the seamless input of 2D and 3D model information from the likes of Revit into the CCS QTO application, for further processing through to 4D and 5D applications.

The major focus of development strategy at CCS concentrates on the aggregation of data from decentralised locations. The nature of construction dictates that collection of data from geographically separated sites, projects and regional offices is of prime importance and the use of the Internet as the primary communication medium requires that cloud services are at the forefront of our efforts. With that in mind, the use of web services forms the basis on which data is transferred, accumulated and reported on. Because of these capabilities, data mining and the use of Business Intelligence tools ensures that client’s data is mined and reported on in real time. These processes form part of CCS’s standard offerings and require very little customisation. Disaster recovery forms part of the obligation we feel as a leading edge vendor to ensure that our clients data remains secure.



The Estimating and Planning data of CCS is in the process of being made available using Web Services and accessible for integration into enterprise reporting structures. This enables a view of all current projects within the enterprise and makes possible the analysis of current data as well as forecast data to project completion.  


The company has invested heavily in mobile solutions where the user taking responsibility for processes can do so remotely, using tablet or phone apps to access the enterprise server for query or approval processes.


CCS believes that wired and wireless networking should be totally transparent to the end user and in this respect making available tablet and smartphone access to the enterprise server is currently available and will form the basis of our development strategy going forward.


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