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Interaction-Anjali Rawat, Founder, Anjali Rawat Architects

We are seeing lot of opportunities in public space designing

Founded in 2010, anjali rawat architects has grown from an idea to a competent architectural consultancy thriving for creative design solutions. The firm shares a common passion for design and an ambition to set  new benchmarks in the field of architecture. The company specializes in Architecture, Interior Design, Facility Planning and Master Planning. AR ANJALI RAWAT, FOUNDER & PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT, ANJALI RAWAT ARCHITECTS responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES


Very briefly tell us about your academic and professional background. Also please offer us an understanding of your company’s operational philosophy and your contribution towards developing sustainable structures?

As a Principal Architect am a Graduate from Mumbai University after which completed a Certification in Urban Infrastructure Planning from CEPT. Founded ANJALI RAWAT ARCHITECTS (ARA) in 2010. By the year 2012, Anjali Rawat Architects had established itself as a known design firm. We have a reputation of providing high quality designs and strategic advice to clients based on innovation, flexibility and sustainability.



Could you talk about your project portfolio: landmark projects, their geographies, key clients, and outstanding features of the assignment?

The company works on a wide spectrum of design projects. Architectural projects include commercial, residential buildings , façade designing etc; while interior design projects range from show flats, sales offices, club houses, offices, retails, etc.



Is your company offering specific solutions and services in the URBAN planning domain? Can you share details of some of your projects in the pipeline and completed.

We are involved in few large scale residential projects which currently is at planning stage. We would be glad to work on projects which concerns urban environment Issues and public spaces have always interests us a designer. We have completed couple of villas and few apartment buildings in Mumbai which are part of the urban fabric .



Give us an understanding of the process and methodologies you employ in the design of of your projects?

After getting a brief from a client , functional requirements are accurately analysed and the interplay of space, light and building elements is carefully manipulated to achieve maximum versatility and creativity in all design commissions. You will see your project come to life through rich, realistic graphics, detailed cad plans and is continuously able to evaluate the aesthetics and functionality as well as cost and other design factors and be kept fully informed of the project scope and evolution.

A personal connection with clients and a focus on excellence in the design of the built environment remains our driving force today.



Give us an idea of the construction design software used by your firm in your various projects?

We do a lot of hand sketching at design concept level; the sketch-up is an excellent tool for developing forms. Final working drawings and renderings are done in Autocad and 3d max. Autocad is a very underrated software; we love it for the fact that it doesn’t decide anything for you. We limit usage of software at concept stage and use to its maximum for technical drawings.



With regards to usage of green and energy efficient buildings materials, to what extent are they used in your projects. Could you also share with us names of such products you use.

We try and use the locally available materials. Climate , sunlight and wind direction is kept in mind while designing the spaces we follow passive designing guidelines , landscape is designed to filter water in the ground, which otherwise goes in the drain and finally into sea.

Taps and wc which consumes less water is bare minimum we can do, TOTO is one such brand.



What difference can a quality architect like you bring to the construction process – in terms of design, savings in cost, time, planning and execution? Citing a few case studies tell us about the benefits accruing to clients through such services?

We work on wide range of projects from luxury to sustainable.

Honestly if we talk about planning in Mumbai it is driven by permissible area / F.S.I. and saleability plays an important role.

We plan to optimise the area and focus on functionality and solution oriented design. Bringing all the consultants like MEP, RCC, Landscape , Automation and lighting at the planning stage helps in saving time and cost. We try and discourage continuous changes at the time of execution.



What are the new opportunities you see for your organization in the fast changing construction landscape of India? What specific role do you see playing in terms of contributing to new Smart City developments being planned?

Awareness about designer’s contribution in projects at policy level is something that we need right now. We are seeing lot of opportunities in public space designing like Streets, bus stops , signage’s , traffic islands ,Parking area .Smart cities will have state of the art public transport system , vehicle free plazas and better sanitation facilities.

Designing around people and for people, rational solutions and engaging public participation should be the way of doing things.



How much does a region’s location and climate influence your design elements? Tell us about your company’s strategy to blend Earth elements (air, water, light, etc) in your projects?

Charles Correa, a well-known architect once said, "form follows climate". Day lighting or the use of natural light in a building is one of the fundamental elements of a climatic design. Building orientation and opening positions, chajjas , elevation elements are manipulated to suit the the climate and context. Buildings and spaces should be treated with love, attention , dignity and spirit.



What are the trends and insight in the market?

Architecture is taking back seat and technology is gaining more control, especially in multistorey towers. Today clients have lot of exposure, which is in a way nice thing.

At the same time we are seeing more sensitive approach for working with tradition and environment. It is beautiful combination of new and old. Chaotic and nice.



Tell us about your ongoing/recent projects? What are your company’s plans and outlook for the future.

We are working on few villas and building façade project along with apartment and office interiors. We respect equally the creative potential and the practical constraints of every project, and are committed to deliver seamless, detailed and punctual service to private clients and developers alike. Last but not least, we devote to every project, however great or small, a passionate creative energy and flair which defines us. Creativity Collaboration Communication We share these values among ourselves and with our clients.

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