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Interaction-V Gokul Krishna, CEO, W Design Studio

We would like to play a role in building intelligent and futuristic buildings

W Design Studio a premium Interior Design and Architecture firm well known for designing T-Hub, India’s largest incubator space at IIT HYDERABAD CAMPUS and many state-of-the- art Office Interior, Retail Space and Premium Home Interior design. As one of the Top Interior Design firms in India, W Design Studio brings state-of-the-art design concepts to Office, Retail and Home Interiors incorporating the best practices in Green building concepts. V. GOKUL KRISHNA, FOUNDER AND CEO, W DESIGN STUDIO spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES


Very briefly tell us about your academic and professional background. Also please offer us an understanding of your company’s operational philosophy and your contribution towards developing sustainable structures?

With a career span of more than 15 years, my expertise varies from design evolution, concept development, design strategy, city branding, general management, product development, business models, retail strategy, negotiation, financing, deal structure, international marketing, brand development, brand management, business development, public relations, press strategy and retail start-ups. Holding a master’s degree in business administration from US was previously associated with organizations such as E-Omega Technologies and Space developers, where served as CEO. Presently am the CEO of W Design Studio-a premium Interior Design & Architecture firm and Luxury Bloom, Hyderabad .

We are a strategic design consultancy firm. We undergo processes of deep research and analysis of the requirements of all our projects and generate functional and workable design solutions, which at the same time, are aesthetically challenging.

Our growing team of young architects and designers are a talented bunch who loves to innovate and push design boundaries.



Could you talk about your project portfolio: landmark projects, their geographies, key clients, and outstanding features of the assignment?

Some of our landmark projects are as:

T-HUB Incubator: IIT HYDERABAD CAMPUS - Area: 70,000SF

 T-HUB is the one of the largest incubation centers in India, today with area 70,000 SF spread across G+5 floors housing 1350 seats. It has been designed in accordance with the design requirements of the leading offices in the world. It will be one of the few energy compliant office buildings in India. It is a self sustaining and livable office environment to suit the needs of the young and upcoming professionals. This building is an Incubation Centre for startups. The envelope of the building is designed for maximum environment efficiency even enabling cross ventilation possibility through the green walls and the glasses with sliding window panels. The bricks are hollow with insulation material to cut heat gain. The overall concept is to design an assortment of different typologies of workspaces across each floor plate. Every floor plan layout is different and creates interest through mix massing of the cubicle spaces and open office spaces. The look and feel is industrial with open ceilings and exposed ducting with simple collaborative furniture typologies and incorporation of interesting visual communication. At the internal central atrium we designed 2 extended mezzanine levels which create interesting massing and are open workstation spaces.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad - Area : 100000 SF

The interior design and retail design for the Hyderabad airport involved profound levels of strategic design. The amount of commercial area required within the terminal for both Domestic and International areas and the appropriate split between duty free, retail and food and beverage based on passenger numbers in five years had to be designed & planned for. Planning options were designed for the terminal taking into account all key issues, the strategic planning of retail in terms of sight lines, adjacencies, passenger flows.

Additionally areas of consideration included lounge seating, pinnacle treatment, orientation zone, FIDs, advertising. A design was developed, that creates a dynamic (cost effective) framework to the commercial space that was complementary to the terminal architecture and has a ‘common thread’ of design with Domestics but has its own recognisable, personality, signature.

Incubation & Co-working Spaces, New Delhi - Area : 1, 50,000 SF

The design theme of the incubator is fusion of rustic and industrial. Cutouts are created between each floor to connect the levels not only virtually but also. Physically strengthens the interactive parameter of the design. The Business center is on exclusive top floor housing Day offices, Part time offices, Mobile working with dedicated amenities like Internet, Telephone with speaker function, LCD Projectors with screens. Networking & Supporting common spaces like business lounge think pods Training rooms, Virtual offices. Premium offices and Business center are provided with exclusive entrances. The design theme of the incubator is fusion of Classical and industrial.



Give us an idea of the construction design software used by your firm in your various projects?

We use various kind of softwares such as:

Architecture- Autodesk- Auto cad, Autodesk- Revit, 3D-Max, Rhino, Cinema4d, V-Ray, Sketch UP, MS-office

Engineering- STAAD Pro, ETABS, SAFE, Autodesk- Auto cad

Project Management- Primavera, SAP, CPM



With regards to usage of green and energy efficient buildings materials, to what extent are they used in your projects. Could you also share with us names of such products you use.

W Design Studio is committed to creating sustainable and green living environments. T-HUB: The Catalyst, as it is called, is an Energy Conservation Building Codes compliant structure spread over 70,000 sft on ground plus five floors. The high-performance glass building cuts down the external heat gain, whereas solar roof panels, LED light fixtures and motion sensors enable daylight harvesting, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Products we use:

Radiant cooling ceiling panels- reduce HVAC energy demand Providing open ceilings/closed with panels of 100 per cent recyclable materials (like natural jute, mineral fiber),LEED Certified Fixtures- for Indoor (LED and fluorescent light sources),Use of separate layers of light- for task oriented and ambient illumination, Furniture made up of FSC certified wood -available in Oak, Maple, Hickory and Walnut, High reflectance, low gloss finishes -reducing the light absorption by ceilings, furniture, walls and even floors, Anti-skid Linoleum flooring- for toilets, Low flow faucets, showers and cisterns. (Recycled water for cisterns)- For sustainability, Use of sealed concrete flooring (Low VOC, recyclable and natural organic material),-FSC certified wood flooring, engineered bamboo, cork, linoleum



What are the new opportunities you see for your organisation in the fast changing construction landscape of India? What specific role do you see playing in terms of contributing to new Smart City developments being planned?

Design has come through a long journey in India and has an interesting journey ahead. W Design Studio would like to play a role in building intelligent and futuristic buildings that are on par and would rival any international project across the world.



How much does a region’s location and climate influence your design elements? Tell us about your company’s strategy to blend Earth elements (air, water, light, etc) in your projects?

Solidity + Stability + Sustainability

Our aim is to not just have any regular “Office Space” but to incorporate healthy collaborative + support work environments and to raise values in every area, from the choice of materials to the building’s environmental performance.

We perform a detailed process of concept exploration will be carried out comprising of site context study including climate & culture, site zoning options and product mix options. Climate conditions play an important role in designing the orientation of the building. Much care is taken to incorporate the climatic and geographic conditions into the design seamlessly. The façade is designed based on the sun intensity and wind direction. We use Air elements that contain a lightness of spirit, open in feeling, with a palette that creates an atmosphere without boundaries. Earth elements that feature grounded interiors, where stone, wood, and natural textures are also used in our projects. We use day Light sensors to reduce the consumption of artificial light in the building and thereby saving energy consumption.



Tell us about your ongoing/recent projects? What are your company’s plans and outlook for the future?

Our ongoing projects include

  • Krinss, Puppalguda, Telangana, (High End Villas)
  • Metro Park, Delhi (Incubator & co-working space)
  • Business Centre in Kapil Towers, Hyderabad
  • Five Star Boutique Hotel in Goa.

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