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Interaction-Prashant Deshmukh, Founder, PD Architects

PDA is committed to provide 'Sustainable Architectural Services’

Prashant Deshmukh & Associates (PDA) founded in 1986 with offices  in Mumbai, Pune, Daman and Ahmedabad is committed to provide 'Sustainable Architectural Services. The firm strongly believes in and recommends innovative techniques and strategies in architecture to achieve sustainable development. The firm focuses on sensitive use of sustainable materials and techniques in co-ordination with its social aspects, environmental impact and economic feasibility without compromising the essence of aesthetics and architectural values. AR. PRASHANT DESHMUKH, FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR, PRASHANT DESHMUKH & ASSOCIATES speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.


Briefly tell us about your background and offer us an understanding of your company’s operational philosophy

As a ranker from J.J. College of Architecture (Mumbai University) my thesis project was on Self-Help Housing Projects sponsored by International Labour Organization (1976). I started my practice as a Consultant and then started my Architectural Consulting Firm ‘Prashant Deshmukh & Associates’(PDA) in 1986 in Mumbai, Pune, Daman and Ahmedabad. PDA has designed and executed many Industrial, Commercial and Educational Projects which has received deep appreciation at the National Level. Specialised in industrial projects due to effective and successful contribution to the leading business groups in India like Godrej, Mafatlals, Mahindra's, Bajaj, L&Ts, Bombay Dyeing, Mehra’s, WMI Kone Cranes India Ltd, Elring Klinger Automotive Components India Pvt. Ltd. etc, PDA has designed projects in various countries like Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Algeria, Middle East countries and Russia.



Please mention your landmark projects, their geographics and your key clients

M/S Hager Electro Pvt. Ltd. situated in Phulgaon, Pune; M/S Elringklinger Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd (EKIA) in Ranjangaon MIDC; Pune; M/S Ecorea & Kuroda Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd

(EKI) in Ranjangaon MIDC, Pune;  We have Ross Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd in Chakan MIDC, Pune;

M/s Toyota Forms India Pvt. Ltd in Bavala, Gujarat; M/S Ammann Apollo India Pvt. Ltd in  Mehsana, Gujarat are some of our landmark projects.



Can you share details of some of your projects in the pipeline and completed?

Vrindavan at Phoenix, USA is an important project in the pipeline.  Vrindavan will be an ideal retirement community for Indian Families in Metro-Phoenix, AZ and US – Canada continent. Vrindavan, Phoenix, Arizona hopes to be recognized nationally as number one retirement community in US. Vrindavan’s vision is to provide a traditional Indian lifestyle with state of the art living amenities, at an economical cost but of quality construction. Vrindavan has a goal to provide a promising environment for Senior Living in sunny Arizona. We intend to complete the entire development in four phases of design and construction of interior roadways, utilities, clubhouse complete with gymnasium, cafeteria, business centre, library and auditorium, 90 1, 2 and 3 BHK residential units and finally 6 independent medical units.



Give us an understanding of the processes and methodologies you employ in your projects?

Depending on the industrial, commercial or residential type of project, the methodology of design varies. The overall design process is divided into two parts, namely Stage I that includes collection of design data and land survey and preparation of schematic drawings. We provide two or three alternatives for clients to choose from.After clientele approval, the design proceeds to Stage II.

Stage II involves the detailing part wherein architectural and engineering services are rendered parallel. Preparation of detailed drawings, architectural, electrical, HVAC, landscape and interior drawings are prepared for execution. Bill of quantities, tendering and negotiations are involved at this stage. After work order is issued the execution begins.



Give us an idea of the construction design software used by your firm.

Schematic drawings or architectural drawings are prepared using Autodesk AutoCAD, whereas the views and walkthrough models for client approval are prepared on Google Sketchup and Autodesk Revit.

The use of various rendering software’s such as Autodesk 3d studio max, V-Ray, Lumion make the model lively. The compilation softwares such as Adobe Photoshop CS 6, Adobe premier CS4, coral draw X12 ease our work.



To what extent are green and energy efficient materials used in your projects? Could you also share names of products you use?

Sustainability is the key word in today’s construction world. Every aspect of design is affected by sustainability. PDA is committed to provide 'Sustainable Architectural Services.' We strongly believe and recommend the innovative techniques and strategies in Architecture to achieve the goals while approaching 'Sustainable Development. Our Architectural designs emphasize the use of energy efficient - solar passive techniques as per climate specifications. Sensitive use of sustainable materials and techniques in coordination with its environmental impact and economic feasibility is our prime focus. We imbibe renewable energy in the buildings, low ecological and energy footprint building design and certification for the same from respective experts.



What are the new opportunities you see for your organisation in the fast changing construction landscape of India? What specific role do you see yourself playing in terms of contributing to new smart city developments being planned?

The goal of smart cities is to use technology efficiently to meet the quality needs of its inhabitants.. Various measures should be taken by architects to contribute to the concept of ‘smart city’ being designers.

Rehabilitation of slum area should be a prime focus as eradication of slums will make the city smarter with food, clothing and proper shelter with adequate medical facilities during emergencies and education provided. People should be made aware of personal hygiene, health and provided with sanitation facilities.. Proper measures and its implementation to the fullest will help city develop into a smart one.



Citing a few case studies tell us about the benefits accrued to clients in terms of design, savings in cost, time, planning and execution?

Data collection to project execution can always be done in stages and a couple of alternatives can be discussed with regard to design and cost before proceeding to specifications and details. Time based action plan can be prepared to begin construction at an early date. It prevents changes, modifications and variations during the detailing as well as execution. A good architect would propose constructional options with regard to cost to the client with SWOT analysis of the proposals; this may reduce unnecessary expenditures in basic shell construction and help the client to spend their money fruitfully.



Tell us about your ongoing/ recent projects? What are your company’s plans and outlook for the future?

Dwarka: The challenge with this project was to develop tourism that would help spread the religious beliefs of Dwarka. A piece of land adjoining Gomati River would house a rotating auditorium with axial stages for performances and a light show that would bring in a stimulating ambience.

Vrindavan, Arizona, USA: A housing scheme preserving Indian values designed with American standards would be another feather in cap for PDA. Allocation of adequate space for kitchen, dining with open verandah are its special features.

Villas in Doha, Qatar: PDA is successfully building a project designed to efficiently deal with the heat in Qatar making use of glass in an iconic way that makes villas unique with minimal interiors and optimal use of space.

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