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Interaction-Yogesh Tantia, Design Lead, DSP Design Associates

We make sure our sustainability goals and initiatives are measurable in nature

DSP Design Associates is one of the largest and distinguished Architecture, Design & Master Planning firms in India. Founded in 1988, the company has delivered more than 2000 projects in over 30 cities. The company provides professional services in verticals of Corporate Real Estate, Commercial Buildings, Residential Complexes, Hospitality Properties, IT Parks, and Townships etc. DSP is committed to continual research and development to deliver path breaking design solutions & relentlessly high standards of innovation. YOGESH TANTIA, DESIGN LEAD ARCHITECTURE, DSP DESIGN ASSOCIATES responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES


Very briefly tell us about your academic and professional background. Also please offer us an understanding of your company’s operational philosophy and your contribution towards developing sustainable structures?

I studied Architecture (B.Arch) from University of Bangalore. I have an overall experience of 14 years in mainstream architecture industry. I have been associated with DSP for last 11 years now, and before that I have had the privilege of working with Charles Correa Associates and Somaya & Kalappa Consultants.

At DSP, we are passionate about sustainable architecture. Our objective is to provide design services that are responsive and sensitive to the program of the client, respectful of the building site, and harmonious with the natural environment. We accomplish this by creating inventive, sustainable designs that utilize building strategies such as passive solar, renewable energy systems, and other green technologies. We make sure our sustainability goals and initiatives are measurable in nature. Each project goes through its energy bench marking and it is a continuous endeavor to better the previous energy targets.



Could you talk about your project portfolio: landmark projects, their geographies, key clients, and outstanding features of the assignment?

DSP practices Master Planning & Architecture Design in the verticals of Mixed Used Developments, Corporate & Commercial Buildings, Residential Complexes, Hospitality Properties, IT Parks, and Townships etc. We also provide Workplace Strategy and Interior Design services for Corporate Real Estate.

One of our Landmark project is ‘Trasstadia Ahmedabad’. It is primarily a football stadium, designed as per FIFA guidelines and provides state of arts facilities to players and spectators. The unique feature of this project is its restack able seating arena which transforms into a 12.9 mt high multipurpose hall to serve as a stadium for indoor sports on non - match days.

Another one of our projects, still in design stage is an IT park designed for India’s leading MNC in Bangalore. It is an iconic building designed to allow optimal sunlight penetration by playing with the curves to create self-shading surfaces. This design would significantly reduce the energy consumption of the building, making optimal use of natural light. We have introduced the concept of Vertical Campus, imitating the existing horizontal IT campuses. We have provided terraces at various levels, to form breakout spaces which would imitate the breakout gardens of a horizontal campus in a vertical form.



Give us an understanding of the process and methodologies you employ in the design of your projects?

DSP’s approach to design is parametric – backed by analysis and research of all the disciplines like geology, climatology, sunlight analysis, wind analysis, resource consumption, regional regulations etc; softer issues like local practices & culture form a major point of consideration while designing. Our designs are a blend of client's aspiration & architect's vision, based on solid foundation of our research - to achieve the projected future trends of the industry. Our design philosophy dictates that “One size doesn't fit all” - hence each project renders unique opportunities that need to be identified and excelled upon.



Is your company offering specific solutions and services in the URBAN planning domain? Can you share details of some of your projects in the pipeline and completed.

Our intervention for any site does not stop or get limited to the standalone site. It is responsive to the environment, culture and architecture around itself. Sites of different sizes provide us with different urban planning opportunities. Currently we are looking at doing urban interventions by inclusive ways for projects which range from a site of 100 acres for a mixed used development in Bangalore, or 36 acres for the Capgemini IT campus in Pune and Mumbai each, to a tight 1 acre site for a corporate client in Bangalore. However smart solutions for making the development sustainable and environmentally sensible are a common denominator in most of our projects.


What difference can a quality architect like you bring to the construction process – in terms of design, savings in cost, time, planning and execution?

A good product need not necessarily cost a lot. The synergy between architectural planning and structural support system, complimented well with a mix of passive and active way of energy utilization is a key to a state of the art building which will serve its purpose for at least next 5 decades. Technology should take on from there and act as a tool for optimisation.

To cite an example, structural excellence is achieved and recognised in our design for Iflex (now Oracle). This is a 13 year old project and was first cable stayed structure in Asia – optimizing the cost & structure paradigm. Then, this technology was only used in building bridges – hence making it an illustration of path breaking innovation.



How much does a region’s location and climate influence your design elements? Tell us about your company’s strategy to blend Earth elements (air, water, light, etc) in your projects?

Sensitivity to site is the key to design. As previously mentioned all our design is backed by thorough climatologically and geological research. A judicious blend of technology and tradition is what leads to an energy efficient and environmentally benign edifice.

A built form should be responsive to the region it belongs to. We focus on harnessing natural light in all our designs – residential or commercial. There is no substitute to some good old vitamin D. Sunlight is our supreme source of energy and creates healthier, more cheerful living environments. Wind plays an important role in wellbeing of people. A smart design can leverage the wind direction to reduce temperature, foster natural ventilation and hence make lifestyle energy efficient and environmentally sensible.



What are the trends and insight in the market?

Permanent modular construction will be a huge trend in the coming years. Technology is going to make way to give intelligent buildings, passive design is going to take over, and space planning is going to look out for optimisation and being responsive, construction timelines shall go down.



Tell us about your ongoing/recent projects? What are your company’s plans and outlook for the future?

DSP Design Associates has had the privilege of working with the best in the industry corporates & developers. Most of our clients have recognized as their trusted advisors and we have long standing associations with them. Some of our recent and ongoing projects are –

CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE– Capgemini IT Campuses in Pune and Mumbai (LEED Platinum Projects), Huawie Campus in Bangalore and Dell’s Campus in Whitefield.

RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE- 1973 by Omkar Developers (Concept Design by Foster & Partners), New Cuff Parade by Lodha Group (Concept Design by WOHA) & The Address by Wadhwa Group in Mumbai.

WORKPLACE STRATEGY & DESIGN- Implementation of Workplace Advantage Program for Microsoft at their Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai offices is one of our landmark projects in workplace strategy. Pegasystem’s Hyderabad Office, SAP Labs in Bangalore, ANZ Bank – Bangalore, Siemens Pune & Mumbai, NICE Systems Pune etc.

DSP’s partners and leadership share a combined experience of 250+ years amongst themselves with specialized expertise in their respective areas of practices. With 200+ professionals in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Gurgaon & Hyderabad, DSP aspires to make a global mark by exporting design services from the Indian subcontinent. We have talent second to none in the industry and its high time India participates in the way world is shaping up.

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