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Interaction,Zubin Zainuddin, Founder, ZZ Architects

ZZ Architects has completed over 500 projects across diverse categories

Over a decade, ZZ Architects have created multiple award winning residential and commercial projects for corporates, entrepreneurs, celebrities, government listed companies and real estate developers.AR. KRUPA ZUBIN and AR. ZUBIN ZAINUDDIN (FOUNDERS & CHIEF ARCHITECTS),ZZ ARCHITECTS, spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES of their methodology and outlook.


Briefly tell us about your academic and professional background. Also please offer us an understanding of your company’s operational philosophy and your contribution towards developing sustainable structures?

We established ZZ Architects in the year 2002. The intention was to create a world class firm that would be renowned for its distinct contemporary design intent. Having worked extensively with technology and computers, it was clear that one could make an impact if technology is embraced and used as a positive tool for design and project management.

Our design philosophy is that “Every Detail in a Project Matters”.it was clear that sustainable architecture and design would be imperative in the years to come. Architecture should benefit everyone from those that live or work within the building, the community and the economy. ZZ Architects’ has won much academic and public acclaim. We have a high profile client base and a reputation for delivering many quality architectural and interior design projects.


Please mention your landmark projects, their geographies, key clients, and outstanding features of the assignment?

ZZ Architects has been involved in various projects across typologies and cities. We have been fortunate to connect with amazing clients who helped us showcase and epitomize what we are. Every project is an opportunity for creating what we strongly believe in. ZZ Architects has completed projects ranging from private residences, hospitals, educational institutions, hospitality projects, corporate and residential buildings and also a few master planning projects. Over a decade we have created multiple award winning projects offering high end bespoke residential and commercial projects for corporates, entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional government listed companies and leading builders and developers of the country.



Is your company offering specific solutions and services in the URBAN planning domain? Kindly share details of projects completed and those in the pipeline.

We handle intrinsic projects like gated communities, villa development schemes, mixed use development, etc. Urban planning is the need of the hour especially since there is so much expectation from the smart city initiative of our government but it is not our domain currently.



Mention the process and methodologies you employ in the design of your projects?

We work in an interactive office environment. Brain storming sessions with clients at initial stages gives fresh perspectives to projects. Our design studio is abreast with the latest market developments and we constantly meet new vendors and hold presentations for our entire team. We constantly innovate our portfolio to offer our best. Like perpetual students we absorb information and try to impart full justice to the projects we work on.



To what extentare green and energy efficient buildings materialsused in your projects. Could you name products you use?

We are conscious of energy efficient design and of products that are highly efficient during the initial ideation of a project as they are integral to the project success.  We keep a tab on  lighting and facade systems and fenestrations. It is key for projects to harness as much of natural light, the correct rating of the glass specified and the typology of the system is key to make the project work as desired. We have been using metal mesh sandwiched glasses for some facade systems and skylights. We are happy with the initial feedback received. New processes of water and waste management for our larger scale projects are being studied. We realize that apart from the larger players, there are lot of smaller organizations making steady in roads with interesting solutions to make sustainable and energy efficient projects.



What specific role do you see yourself playing in terms of contributing to new Smart City developments being planned?
We don't see a clearly defined road map for us to contribute to smart cities. But we have been approached by leading politicians to contribute within our capacity to some schemes.



Mention the construction design software employed in your projects?

Autocad / 3d Studio Max & Sketch Up are used for most of the design documentation. We use software more as a documentation tool than for project development. The initial work is still very old school using paper and pencil.



Cite a few case studies telling us about the benefits accrued to your clients in terms of design, savings in cost, time, planning and execution.

Every project brings a lot of creative satisfaction and there are many critical practical and technical aspects that need consideration. Quality Firms bring a plethora of experience along with experienced consultants, vendors and contractors to create a project that is not only visually arresting but a pleasure to experience. We are approached for a number of projects where foreign practices were initially employed but had to be replaced because of non-deliverance. We are recognised in the industry for quality work and technical expertise.



How much does a region’s location and climate influence your design elements? Tell us about your company’s strategy to blend Earth elements (air, water, light, etc) in your projects?

Design has the inherent power to add character to our culture. Sustainability is a way of life and cannot be implemented in broken segments. It’s a cumulative approach which we try to absorb into our designs. The lighting solutions, automation, solar power and other services play an important role in the projects we do and we understand our moral responsibility towards the environment. Apart from regional and climatic relevance, general municipal bye laws of that particular region. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept the fact that a majority of projects have to be principled on the basis of local laws and regulations.



What are the trends and insight in the market?

Globally, a large volume of both Residential and Commercial Architecture in cities is gravitating to a standard governed by the local bye laws. Encouragement from governing bodies to create more meaningful architecture will definitely result in better exploration of ideologies for building typology. All leading cities of the world, New York , London, Mumbai all seem to face the same dilemma. Vertical Towers emphasize more on the form than the space within and this is a disturbing trend. A lot of emphasis has to be made on the way projects seem to be connecting with the environment.



Tell us about your ongoing/recent projects? What are your company’s plans and outlook for the future.

Currently we’re working with Educational institutions in Mumbai, Jodhpur and Hyderabad. A number of Residential/Commercial architectural projects in Surat, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Chennai are being launched in the coming months. We are working on a few boutique hotels in Goa, Rajasthan and Delhi. Some luxury villas and large-scale houses for private clients are coming up in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Rajkot, Mumbai, Jodhpur in a few months. Recently we’ve completed Offices and Headquarters for some leading names in the Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals and Stock Broking Verticals.

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