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All-in-one solution for efficient waste water pre-treatment


SPECO Hidrotecnologia opts for WASTEMASTER® TSF 3/10 and TSF 3/80 for its Municipal waste water pre- treatment plant for improving efficiency and achieve cost reduction.

SPECO Hidrotecnologia was awarded the order for eight complete compact pre-treatment units for municipal waste water treatment plants in the mid-western Spanish region of Caceres. The size of the plants ranged from 27 to 400m3/h (from 500 up to 12,000 p.e.). The customer was looking for a compact technology able to perform with the same machine traditional screening, de-gritting and de-greasing. This gave the customer the possibility to keep the entire waste water treatment plant as compact as possible.



For these projects the solutions proposed were the WASTEMASTER® TSF 3/10 and TSF 3/80 with screen mesh of 3mm, for flow rates that ranged from 27 to 400m3/h. These machines allowed continuous extraction of the suspended solids, of the settable solids and of the floatable fats.



By means of a small pumping station the waste water is introduced into the WASTEMASTER® TSF 3 screening unit – a GCP 301/701 (depending on the size of the plant) – equipped with a 3mm perforated screen. This type has a built in compactor that allows a reduction of the screening solids of approximately 40%. The waste water from the compactor is transferred to the head of the WASTEMASTER® TSF process. Subsequently, the screened water drops into the settling tank of the WASTEMASTER® TSF 3. Here the appropriately sized engineered tank enables correct settling of the grit with grain size of no less than 200 μm. The grit is collected at the bottom by a shaft less screw conveyor (SSC Type) and sent to an inclined screw conveyor for extraction and discharge into an external container. At the same time, air is pumped into the tank by a blower. The built-in aerator device enables separation of floating organic matter (fats) which are collected in a lateral channel. Then the built-in (PATENTED) degreasing device sees to the collection and discharge of oils and fats for disposal. Finally, the effluent is transferred to the oxidation stage for treatment.



The WASTEMASTER® TSF 3 is a complete, compact and efficient waste water pre-treatment plant. The WASTEMASTER® TSF 3 plant is completely enclosed thus avoiding offensive odours. It can be fitted inside a small building to avoid environmental pollution. Products such as screenings, grit and fats are compacted (reduction of 40% of the screenings) can be easily collected for disposal. Moreover, as compared to traditional pre-treatment installations, over all costs for civil engineering are considerably reduced, as well as operation and maintenance costs.

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