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Interaction-Abhijit Lunkad, CEO, Birla Shakti Concrete

We will be expanding in terms of our product range and operations


Birla Shakti’s concrete ready mix plant located at Pune is India’s single largest fully automated and technically the most advanced state of the art digital plant. With the country’s growing demand for high performance, cost effective and environmental friendly building solutions the company forsees great opportunities to scale up operations and meet customer requirements and project objectives. ABHIJIT LUNKAD, CEO, BIRLA SHAKTI CONCRETE responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES


How do you see the concrete industry shaping up in Pune? Please give us an overview of your offering for the market?

India’s growing potential for development in the infrastructure and construction sector has spurred the demand for concrete. Also with the recent major government initiatives such as development of 100 smart cities, a strong IT and auto industry, cities like Pune are on the forefront of real estate activity.

As a company committed to evolve our offerings and expanding our investment in innovation, today Birla Shakti Concrete manufactures the complete range of market-leading, high performance concrete mixes from M7.5 to M110 grades, including M10 pumpable concrete. These mixes meet stringent IS Code specifications and are geared to address all new-age construction applications.

Our clients include leading real estate conglomerates, design-build firms, government bodies, contractors, construction professionals, and individual home owners.

Some of our clients include Sobha Developers, Raheja, Kumar Properties, Kolte Patil Real Estate, NCC Ltd., Goel Ganga, Karia Realty and Suyogdham Infrastructures LLP.

Some of our latest concrete mixes produced by Birla Shakti Concrete include:

Termicrete: Anti-Termite Concrete

Termicrete™ is a concrete primarily developed to facilitate Anti-Termite characteristics inconcrete. It is most suitable for PCC laid on excavated surface at site.


WPCRETE: Pore-blocking hydrophobic concrete.

Water absorption is significantly reduced inthis concrete.Special Additives are added which react with the cement hydration process to form ahydrophobic ingredient to reduce the capillary suction and prevent the ingress of potentiallydeleterious soluble material, resulting in concrete with enhanced durability, which increases lifespan of structure.


SELFCRETE: High-Performance Super Flowable Concrete

SELFCRETE is a concrete primarily developed for high performance to facilitate high strength gainwith super flow.Suitable for Speedy construction of High Rise structures.Cast in Situ concrete construction in tight space and congested reinforcement, drilled shafts.Earth retaining systems, can be accelerated by using SELFCRETE.



What are the futureplans for the company? Are you planning to expand operations?

Though the Ready mix concrete business in India is still in its nascent stage, we are expecting the market to grow by 15-20%. With the real estate sector evolving from low-rise structures to high rise residential and commercial buildings, the use of new age construction techniques, conformity to BS norms and the trend of third party audits is pushing the demand for consistent and superior quality concrete which only RMC can cater to. Today there is greater awareness regarding the advantages of going in for RMC vs. site mix concrete. Plus with time, concrete mix designs are going to become more complex and engineered to suit specialized applications. And this is going to further spur the demand for RMC.

We are looking forward to expanding our operations both in terms of scope of our product range as well as scale of operations. By 2018, we are planning to open another plant in Chakan or Hinjewadi.The western corridor towards the areas in and around Hinjewadi like Wakad, Baner, Tathavade, Pimple Saudagar & Balewadi are witnessing good growth and another plant in this location will leave us well placed to serve the market.



Recently Pune won the second spot in the Smart Cities Challenge competition. What in your opinion are the key challenges that Pune needs to address before it can call itself a smart city?

We are proud to be a part of this city and keenly looking forward to the on-ground implementation of the Smart Pune drive. Coming back to our challenges, both as a city and nation, we need stricter implementation of laws as a critical move to empower and sustain the development process. While building up road infrastructure and providing better civic amenities are all very worthy goals, the same cannot be sustained unless we as a nation follow and respect laws laid down to protect these developments. While India has a large number of laws, most of them are complicated with vague interpretations in various states and situations. As a result a lot of time is wasted in understanding and implementing them. The focus should be on creating simple and easy to understand laws with more emphasis on stricter implementation. Countries lie Singapore are sterling examples of how a government's firm implementation of their rules and policies can create a world-class city with wonderful results for all stakeholders.

Also no development process of a city can be complete without the participation of its inhabitants. Hence we need to ensure active partnership of both the public and private sectors in the development process.

As partners in Pune’s growth, we can confidently say that we are a ‘future ready’ company and being ahead of the technology curve remains our critical USP in the market. We are confident that measures like Smart City will spur the demand for quality constructions, which in turn will spur the demand for large batches of high performance concrete of consistent quality. We are well positioned to partner our customers to pilot new ways of creating sustainable and innovative building solutions.”




  • Fully fledged PLC controlled Liebherr plant with twin shaft mixer imported from Germany.
  • Six Putzmeister truck mounted concrete Moli pumps used to service the site in quick time.
  • Putzmeister Boom Placer mounted on truck to deliver concrete at the height of 42 meters.
  • World class Liebherr Transit Mixers mounted on AMW vehicle – 45 numbers.
  • Liebherr Recycling Plant to recycle water resource
  • Moisture probes fixed in inline bins to control quantity of water intake.
  • Organised plant layout and raw material storage facilities.
  • World class enhanced digital Cube Testing Machine.
  • Weigh bridge for clients to witness net weight of concrete
  • Back up plant of 60 cubic meter per hr in case of heavy concrete and emergency.



  • Hi-Tech laboratory for testing of raw material
  • SAP and other sophisticated software to prevent tampering by plant operators
  • Only Birla Shakti Cement 43 Grade is used in consistent quality and strength of concrete.
  • Mixed designs are thoroughly tested to yield optimum performance of the concrete.
  • Concrete achieves more strength than what IS Code prescribes.
  • Better finishing of construction due to pumpable mix.
  • Better quality concrete due to plant mix as compared to site mix.
  • Only processed fly ash used.
  • Well trained lab staff to monitor concrete mixes round the clock.

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