03 August 2020

Interaction-Kalpesh Chitroda, Director, Maris Polymers India

Connecting people to the concept of smart city is a big task


MARIS POLYMERS INDIA is an associate of MARIS POLYMERS SA – GREECE an independent privately owned polyurethane systems house and one of the leading European specialists in polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing products and cold curing polyurethane resins for Construction, Marine and Industrial applications. Marine Polymers has a proven global technological leadership. The company offers a wide range of customised products and systems which can be used in new buildings and renovations. KALPESH CHITRODA, DIRECTOR, MARIS POLYMERS INDIA responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the company’s performance and future plans


How has 2016 been so far?

It has been a mixed bag. Lots of optimism and low on delivery. We had work orders  which would have doubled our turn over. That was the scenario two months back. But none of the projects took off. So it’s a waiting game now. We are waiting for something to happen but we have  orders in hand.



Are there any applications abroad which we are not ready for in the Indian Market.

The biggest challenge in the water proofing industry is the application skills of the applicator. Skill set of the applicators and mindset of the consultants has to change.



On the market and its challenges?

This market can be segmented. We have builders, developers, MNCs, software industries, manufacturing companies, local private societies and private bungalow owners and everybody needs water proofing. Builders and developers are at the receiving end. Neither the architect nor the consultant is ready to give a proper solution for water proofing. What is required is a case study to determine what product and method would suit the problem or requirement on hand. That commitment of 100 percent success is not there.


We  have been in the market for 20 years and you will have to still find a project where we are not successful. We have a drive but with this kind of drive our business will not multiply into huge volumes. But within a period of time you will be a force to reckon with. But people will respect you and you will have a stand of your own.



What is the advantage of Polyuthurene over polymer?

When there is standing water, polymer disintegrates. This in biggest advantage polythene has. They have more mechanical strength than polymers. Both can stop water but for how long is the question.



In terms of growth rate what are you expecting?

Last year we touched 6 crore and this year we are aiming for 10 crore.



Could you name a few of your current projects

Hotel Taj in Santacruz, Mumbai, Infosys’19 floor parking, Bharat Forge has come up with a huge R&D centre in Keshwar Nagar. The entire thing we are doing in foam insulation on top and polythene system on top of that. Mars Chocolates the entire water tanks, process water tanks we have done.


What is the growth rate of the market and how are you trying to increase your market share?

The growth rate of the market is 18-22 per cent. There are two ways we operate in India. One we sell in our brand name of Maris. The second being we put the product in plain tins and sell them to big companies who market the product under their brand name. I cannot name them as I have a non-disclosure policy with them.



On Pune smart city and it’s challenges

The definition of smart cities differ from individual to individual. To me it’s about giving utmost value ease and content to the people.

The first concern would be health, the second would be traffic and mobility and then environment . These three things cover everything including sanitation.

Despite our commissioner Kunal Kumar working so hard, the inertia of the people is numbing. Somehow the verve on the very concept of Smart City must inspire the people as well. That is the first herculean task before the government. The sensibility of the people of Pune is different compared to that of other cities. Most people who come to Pune for education and work settle here not because of the quality of education or the benefits from workplace but because of the quality of people here. Connecting people to the concept of smart city is a big task



What would be MARIS POLYMERS  contributiontowards smart cities?

We would be very happy if all terraces of homes under smart city have a garden on it. We will have huge potential for business.

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