03 August 2020

Interaction-Subash Cipy, MD, Cipy Polyurethane

Innovation has always been our USP


A pioneer in protective coatings and floor toppings in India since 1976, Cipy offers a variety of products based on a variety of polymers such as polyurethane, epoxy, mcu and polyurea for a variety of applications in market segments like automotive, pharma, infrastructure, healthcare, oil &gas, power, electronics, engineering, textile and chemical industries. SUBASH CIPY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, CIPY POLYURETHANE, responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES’s queries


Please provide some details of your product offerings for the Indian and international markets. What are the projects in which they have found application?

Cipy is one company who has indigenously developed many technologies in the country during the last four decades such as polyurethane, polyurea, PU-Concrete and polyaspartics to name a few. In floorings, Cipy offers a myriad of technologies, right from conventional epoxies to polyurethanes, PU-Concrete and polyaspartics. In India, we are currently the market leaderswith over 1 billion sq meters of floorings installed in varied segments such as auto, engg, pharma and F&B. In the international market, we export epoxy and PU-Concrete floorings and polyureas.  Among Cipy’s illustrious projects in various market segments, I would like to mention here about the 1.5 lakh sq m flooring job we did for Honda. Similarly, we did the single largest pharma order for Sandoz. In F&B segment, we’ve done jobs for Cadbury, Pepsi, Coke and Haldiram.



What are the prevalent trends in the industrial flooring segment?

In the industrial flooring segment, most of the players areindulged in epoxy formulations which are run-of-the mill type of floorings. Very few are engaged in PU or PU Concrete floorings, except MNCs. As the customers are now looking beyond the conventional systems, I feel that epoxy floorings have overrun their shelf lives. Polyaspartics and PU will definitely hold a future, as both are rapid curing with so many welcome features. We had, in fact, introduced the first hybrid flooring, EPU, but to counter our innovation, many came out with cheaper imitations which created doubts in customer minds. PU and PU concrete floorings will eventually replace epoxies in the long run.



Tell us about your emphasis on sustainability and green in the course of product development?

We are very conscious of our planet and the environment we are living in. It is our endeavour to use maximum renewable sources in our products. Castor oil, Castor oil based polyols, Cardanol based phenalkamines and amides are predominantly employed in our formulations. We do not use hazardous chemicals like chromes, leads etc. Our company is actively involved in green building activities.



Tell us about the new products you plan to launch?

We will be launching decorative floorings in the near future with PU clear topcoats. We are also working on PU injection grouts which are currently being imported.These materials are predominantly used in construction. Look at Mumbai Pune highway and you’ll find lot many tunnels built through the rocks. One has to break the rocky mountains to build a tunnel. When you break the rock or soil, the mass loses its soil bearing capacity(SBC)and invariably collapses imminently. Rock stabilization is done by injecting a high strength polyurethane grout that penetrates into the fissures of the rock face, thereby holding together the fragmented structure as one mass. PU grout turns intoa closed cell foam when in contact with water. We should be launching this new technology in the next three months.



Tell us about the new growth areas for your business in the coming years?

In flooring segment, we will be targeting pharma and F&B segments which rarely show any slowdown, unlike auto and engineering, as India is a growing market for these segments. Car park flooring is another growth area for the coming years. We had launched polyureaa few years ago and will target builders’ segment to tap the unexploited areas. Water and wastewater are another growth areas for us.



Pune has been selected in the ‘fast-tracked category’ of the smart cities programme, which are the area’s the city requires immediate attention and improvement.

Pune needs infrastructure, sanitation, quality drinking water and good connectivity.Abroad, we know that people drink water straight from the taps. We need effective potable water and wastewater managements. We have age-old concrete pipelines carrying wastewater and with the profuse leakages through these out-liven structures, the ground water gets polluted. Cipy is very active in the water and wastewater segment, as we offer plural spray applied coatings like polyureas and polyurethanes for internal and external linings of pipelines carrying fresh water, treated water and wastewater. We need new pipelines with internal and external corrosion resistant coatings to replace the rapidly deteriorating CML pipelines, and sothe corrosion is annihilated and the drinking water quality is improved. As a citizen, it is our right to have clean water.

As regards traffic chaos created by the growing population of vehicles, fortunately, Pune traffic is less congested as compared to Bangalore, Delhi or Chennai, as we have comparatively good roads with many flyovers, but at the same time, the public transport needs to be improved. Pune needs an airport with international connectivity with no strings attached to the defence authority. There are so many companies from abroad who have set up their operations here and one can’t expect them to land in Mumbai and then commute over 3 hours to reach to Pune. Pune is, however, slowly getting connected to all domestic destinations.



In the last two years have you seen the company become more optimistic? do you see some ground reality shifting?

Now things are changing for good and hopefully the GST bill will come through in this monsoon session.  GST is going to be the big game changer for the country. After the initial dullness and anxiety, the Modi touch can now be felt. Yes, the country is moving in the right direction and the industry is ecstatic about the bright future ahead.



Your expectations from the government?

We offer many products that have been time-tested and we are not inferior to any company in our product segments. Sometimes we get an unfair treatment from MNC customers since we are treated as an Indian company with a question mark on quality. This attitude needs to be changed to make the mission of ‘Make in India’ successful. Indian companies should be duly respected, but with no unfair home advantages.



Please share with us your future plans.

Firstly, we need to sustain our number one position in floor coatings in the coming years, which itself is a major challenge in view of many new companies entering into the fray. We want to aggressively penetrate the food and beverages industry, which is now dominated by multinationals. The other segment we have in mind is the builders and developers, as we intend to get into decorative floorings such as 3D floorings which find applications in shopping malls, restaurants, and showrooms. Also, we want to hold our prime position in plural spray linings of epoxy, PU and polyureas.

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