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Company Profile- Jindal SVI Group

Steeling for success

Pune based structural steel and TMT bars manufacturer Jindal SVI Group is headed for the growth highway

Jindal SVI Group is gung ho about the prospects of achieving its objectives of manufacturing quality products with efficient delivery schedules, competitive price and establishing a long term relation with all its customers. The Pune based structural steel and TMT bars manufacturer is today one of the largest contributors to the steel industry.

The company is a vision of a single man, its promoter Ashok Jindal, who started in a small way in the steel products business. Beginning in 2006 with a manufacturing plant in Satara MIDC, Jindal SVI Group today has grown to four rolling mill units along with a billet manufacturing facility. The company commands a large share of the structural and constructional steel market in Western Maharashtra and its interiors. In order to consolidate the Group’s  position Ashok Jindal has nurtured two performers viz. Shri Siddhivinayak Ispat Pvt Ltd & Shri Bhimeshwari Ispat Pvt Ltd.



The company's production units are fully equipped with a quality control laboratory. For Quality Assurance Jindal SVI Group relies on skilled metallurgists to monitor a fool-proof production system which manufactures quality steel products. The testing methods are under BIS & ISI Standards enabling the company to produce products in line with market standards and requirements. The company has ensured proper training for all its employees, including engineers, so that they are ready to face manufacturing challenges.

Over the years Jindal SVI Group has achieved a strong backward integration capability of manufacturing its own raw material to ensure smooth functioning of its plants. Further the plants are competent enough to meet customer requirements even on an urgent basis thus ensuring timely delivery of products that are certified for quality under BIS standards.



Jindal SVI Group is a hard work driven organisation with a broad product list, though the emphasis has always been on structural steel products. Presently the company provides the following services to the various sectors of industry:

  • Automotive
  • Material Handling
  • Boilers
  • Projects
  • Gratings
  • Agri Equipment
  • Waste Water Management
  • Power Generation and Distribution.
  • Construction Machinery manufacturing.
  • Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs)
  • Multi Level Car Parking systems.



The journey to success is through hard work and when you achieve hard work through consistency the result will be beyond excellence,” says Jindal with a conviction that can only be admired. Explaining the vision of his company he says further, “Jindal SVI Group's vision has been to march towards growth and excellence by delivering quality certified products meeting the industry demand and achieving customer satisfaction and providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. In order to achieve our mission the company embraces certain core values to function efficiently and to pave a path to prosperity.”       


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