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Interview - Atrayee Sarkar (Tata Steel)


Demand for rebars is set to grow given India’s appetite for infrastructure


Tata Tiscon is India’s leading rebar brand since its inception in 2002. It is India’s only rebar brand with a status of ‘Superbrand’ (2009-10, 2011-12) and was counted among ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brands’ in 2013. ATRAYEE SARKAR, CHIEF OF MARKETING AND SALES, TATA STEEL fielded CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES’ queries on the company’s rebar business.


On the company’s 2013 performance: 2013 has been a challenging year for the entire steel industry across the world. We have also felt the heat. But our process excellence and commitment has seen us through. With the help of optimum product mix and internal process improvement measures and cost saving programs we have been able to sail through the tough market conditions. We hope that in the years to come we will be able to meet all challenges head on.


On Tata Tiscon’s focus on rebars:  Rebars are an important area for us, as the demand is only set to grow, given India’s appetite for infrastructure. We definitely think this is the focus area for time to come.


Rebar products and manufacturing facilities: Tata Tiscon is the only rebar brand in India with a range of rebars for versatile uses. It is the only rebar brand in India with a 6 mm product which is for less heavy duty uses like kitchen slabs, ledges where usage of steel can be reduced, saving costs and steel for the consumer. We have rebars from 6 mm to 40 mm diameter.


Tata Tiscon is made from steel which is produced from virgin iron ore and the best raw materials. The steel used in making Tata Tiscon is produced in the parent plant in Jamshedpur. We are world renowned for quality and production excellence. We are the only steel plant outside Japan to be certified “Deming Grand Prize” for Total Quality Management, the highest recognition in the world for Total Quality Management. Our current capacity for steel for rebar in Tata Steel Jamshedpur plant is approximately 2 million tonne per annum.


Technological advantages: Tata Tiscon rebars are made with the latest Thermo Mechanical Treatment technology (TMT) from Tempcore Belgium. We produce our rebars in a state of the art mill system we have. The quality of raw materials and the process excellence produces rebars that have excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Tata Tiscon is different from other rebars because of the strength and ductility and superior corrosion resistance compared to ordinary rebars. The unique treatment produces a tough exterior which provides strength while giving a soft core which provides ductility, very important for applications. Also Tata Tiscon provides a range of rebars for all applications, from the simple to the heavy duty like beams and columns. We help the customer build projects that last generations.


On innovation: We have always been on the lookout for bringing much needed change in the market to serve explicit and latent needs of customers in the best possible manner. Readybuild, the cut and bent steel- from Tata Tiscon is another step at innovation. These are India’s premiere rebar service centers for the infrastructure segment where we provide value added products and solutions including cut and bent rebars for infrastructural needs, which save time, reduce extra inventory costs, bring about availability of products in various shapes and sizes and prevent wastage and help turnaround time of projects. There are a total of 10 such dedicated centers for the infrastructural segment in Bangalore Faridabad, Kanpur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Kanpur. In the future we have plans to provide more value added products and services.


Landmark projects and key clients:  Tata Tiscon has been a proud contributor to almost all major landmarks which are our national pride. The Lotus Temple in Delh, Delhi Metro, Bandra Worli Sea Link, Bombay Stock Exchange are all built using Tata Tiscon. Thus Tata Tiscon is a part of the nation’s infrastructure history. Our important clients in the infrastructure business include Larsen & Toubro, Gammon Infra, Shapoorji Pallonji, Afcons, National Highways Authority of India, DMRC and BMRCL. Thus we continue to work with the best in infrastructure industry in India.


On potential growth areas and new opportunities:  The potential growth areas we think would be power transmission and distribution segment, UMPP, MPP, metro rail projects, roads, bridges and flyovers. In order to gear up to this demand, we would like to provide an additional boost to our Readybuild centers by providing cages (column cages, pile cages etc) and couplers to our customers. We would like to provide value added services that are in sync with project requirements.


Philosophy and outlook: The company has always been on the edge of construction space in India and remains dedicated to India’s infrastructure growth We have a philosophy to provide value added products and solutions for the infrastructural needs of the country We look forward to a better 2014 during which we hope to see the revival of India’s infrastructure story.






Tata Steel has recently unveiled its new state-of-the-art brand outlet, Tata Tiscon Experience Zone. The brand outlet dubbed ‘first of its kind’ offers customers quality support in building their ‘dream home’. The brand store is intended to bring together quality products, knowledge, design support and expert help all under single roof.  Atrayee Sarkar, Chief of Marketing & Sales, Branded Products, Retail and Solutions, Tata Steel, who inaugurated the store, said, “It’s a unique store that will become a change agent in the individual home builder market. The store seeks to help customers build a quality home with the help of a quality brand like Tata Tiscon. This store will not just sell steel products for construction, but will raise the quality of construction practices in the country.” 

The store will include product offerings like TATA Tiscon TMT rebars, Tiscon Superlinks, wiron binding wires besides offering knowledge on the construction process to help individual home builders plan their procurement and budgeting properly, free of charge. It also offers services in the form of a list of certified masons or contractors in the customer’s area to ensure better workmanship , for no charge, provides a facility which offer various designs (architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing) for different plot sizes and orientation free of cost besides expert construction consultancy from customer service engineers.

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