06 July 2020

Spotlight-Everest Engineering Equipment

Scaling new heights

Everest Engineering with its vast experience, professional skills and prompt services has been able to achieve higher levels of growth pattern during the past two years. Apart from standard solutions to fit customer requirement, Everest experts can offer customer solutions like Tower Cranes for 200m and above heights. Passenger Hoists to fit inside the lift shaft, High Speed Passenger Hoists for 200M – 600m heights to suit the customers’ special and specific requirement. P V RAMDEV, MD, EVEREST ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT PVT LTD offers his expert assessment


Now with the increasing verticalisation in the form of Tall structures the company is offering LUFFING crane solutions and is scaling new heights.


According to Ramdev, MD, Everest Engineering, “With a shorter counter jib, multiple cranes can be erected in a short distance especially on the lift core. Chances of rear collision of the luffing cranes are negligible if they are working in shorter radius. Further, again with the luffing jib, multiple cranes can work on highrise construction projects without the collision of the jib. Moreover, with the luffing feature, it is highly safe, if the crane is working in areas with high wind velocity.” He explains, “The luffing jibs can be raised during the heavy wind to free flow without causing damage to the crane structure or the jib during working / during the site holidays


By allowing the wind to free flow, pressure on the masts and jib of the crane is greatly minimized. High wind pressure is extremely prevalent in Delhi-NCR, Northern Indian region during peak summer, and also in sea shore areas during monsoon. This can act as a lateral force which can pass on to the structure of the construction project consequently effect the strength and life of  the building. However, with luffing feature, allowing the wind to flow free, the pressure is extensively discounted.”



Everest has commissioned 2 units of 10 tons SYM cranes for construction of 220 meters high, 65 storied building of Lodha Group. The SYM cranes come with 43 meters freestanding height as compared to 33-36  meters of conventional tower cranes. Another 4 cranes units of 10t and 8t are working with  Capacite Infra Projects Ltd in Parel, Mumbai for 280m height building.


Everest Engineering, exclusively distributes FineHope and SYM flattop and electric luffing cranes in India. SYM and FineHope cranes are equipped with electronic safety system, speed control, etc. Fine Hope tower cranes are available in 32-200 tons, and SYM luffing tower cranes in 8-32 tons. 


Other products distributed by Everest Engineering in India include GJJ mast climbers, Passenger hoists and tower crane "Anti collision systems".



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