05 April 2020

Table of Contents for Ticker Tapes

Ticker Tape- Equipment


The 60 ton capacity A60H.is powered by a 16-litre Volvo engine which delivers 512 horsepower and 365lb.-ft. of torque. Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, including quarries, opencast mines and large earth-moving operations, it has automatic drive combinations, 100 percent deferential locks, an all terrain bogie, active suspension and hydro mechanical steering and a matched drivetrain. For higher hauling speeds in harsh conditions, the unit is fitted with an active hydraulic front suspension. With the On board Weighing system, Care Track, Matris which are proprietary intelligent systems from the company, customers can minimize operational costs and optimise production.



Safe vehicles that can meet requirements of the changing business environment, road conditions, the demanding nature of the consignee and consignor Tata Motors has launched its signature series of SIGNA medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Improved ergonomics and NVH levels and smartly designed cabin space are some of the salient features of the Tata SIGNA series of cabins which are built to offer a superior in-cab experience, enabling drivers to operate fatigue free over long hauls, which in turn offers significant improvement in productivity. Tata Fleetman, an in built telematic system which is another prominent feature of Tata Signa allows the fleet operator to have a more connected experience, to better manage his transport business through optimum driver, vehicle and fuel management. To free the operator from vibrations caused by surface bumps, there is a fully suspended cabin Tata Signa can boast of. A premium tough exterior is provided by high strength steel bumper and the purposefully designed sport main grille and multi piece.



With over three decades of experience in marketing, sales, branding, international markets and production from industries as varied as tractor, cement and industrial products Ravi Menon aims to help Escorts to achieve its grand goals. Escorts is strongly focused on strengthening its product developments and manufacturing capabilities which enable them to improve operational efficiency across their businesses.



During its presidency of the European Union, Netherlands introduced the European Truck Platooning Challenge to reduce congestion, prevent accidents caused by human error and check the amount of CO2 emitted by trucks on road. To demonstrate the scope of Daimler’s autonomous tech and to hasten the appearance of automated platoons on Europe’s roads, Truck and bus manufacturer Daimler set three of its autonomous trucks to drive from Stuttgart to Rotterdam as a fully connected platoon. The trucks rely on Daimler’s Connected Highway Pilot system and the truck platoons can drive just 15 m (49 ft) apart unlike regular trucks which need to leave a 50 meter (164-ft). Instead of 150 m(429 ft) space required for a normal convoy of truck under human control on the highway the autonomous trucks takes up just 80 m (262 ft) of highway space. The Connected Pilot system lets others trucks in the formation know about sudden braking. Trucks travelling close together can take full advantage of the draft from leaders and this helps in 10 percent improvement in fuel economy.



Electrified and efficient, connected and more automated future vehicles for the commercial transport sector is made possible by innovative features like reduced greenhouse gas emissions, communication devices, modern sensors which empowers connectivity and enhances safety and comfort. Bosch is a full system supplier that addresses challenges and offers solutions that include complete diesel and hybrid powertrain systems, variable displacement oil pumps and heavy-duty starters and alternators integrated vacuum. These high-efficiency starters and alternators play a crucial role in ensuring a reliable, fully-charged start every time with Intelligent Battery Sense Technology and the use of temperature- and vibration-resistant materials. The company’s electric motors and control system ensures a full return on investment within three years and help reduce fuel consumption up to 6 percent. Bosch’s user friendly infotainment and navigation systems ensure powerful connectivity combining relevant vehicle, route and driver data to enable intelligent and efficient fleet management solutions. Bosch’s driver assistance systems has an expansive catalogue which includes sensor, radar and video technologies that allows for data-driven maintenance and protects against systematic inefficiencies and reduces operating costs.



The new generation of Wirtgen small milling machines – comprising of the W 35 Ri as the smallest member, the 50-cm W 50 R/W 50 Ri and W 60 R/W 60 Ri, and the one-meter W 100 R/W 100 Ri and W 120 R/W 120 Ri machines – are ergonomically designed to offer the most comprehensive and efficient line of cold milling machines in the industry. However the range of applications is very broad and caters to partial road repairs, cutting slots and milling tie-ins, to renovating industrial floors, removing road markings and cutting rumble strips. Sagacious proficiency and core competence in cutting, leveling and control technologies are the solid foundation sustaining Wirtgen in its push to persistently innovate and develop new solutions. Wirtgen exhibited its complete new generation

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