11 July 2020

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Change for the Better


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pepped the nation with his verve for infrastructure development, Smart Cities, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India and other such initiatives. With such monumental tasks in the hands of the government, the colossal magnitude of work that needs to be implemented to make Indian cities smart stares back.



It begins with a city’s readiness to get integrated seamlessly with the components they depend on. Technology will allow optimisation of scarce physical resources and infrastructure available to the city, like for instance Mass Rapid Transit System, where the arrival and departure of buses are scheduled properly so that commuters can travel in optimal and
well-utilized time frame.



Better Information Systems, better use of road and pavement space, synchronisation of traffic lights to minimise waiting time at intersections as well as escalators at busy overpasses and underpasses for pedestrians could help a great deal. Efficient garbage management, a prerequisite for any civilisation could begin with segregation at source, composting at each ward coupled with plans for zero-waste at ward level.



Uninterrupted supply of electricity, use of solar power to offload demand on the grid, mandatory usage of LED lamps in all new buildings and for street lights would result in the most efficient use of available resources. Resourceful water management with an aim of cycling water at least three times before it is let into the ground as well as paid public toilets at every corner should be part of the Smart City planning.



In short, using technology to simplify various activities of the average citizen, reducing wastage of time, providing avenues to enjoy life and maintaining our environment for the future generations will gradually transform a city to a smart one.



With an outlay of `97,000 crore for the road sector as part of the infrastructure development program, major factors like sustainability and cost efficiency are gaining a lot of importance today. However, first let us have good concrete roads that will eventually lead to smarter cities.



The Union Government, along with the State Governments, seems to be working towards implementing these grand plans.

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