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                                                               Let’s start with an interesting narrative to understand the criticality
                                                               of pavers & compaction equipment… Ahmedabad Airport has
                                                               a single runway, designated 5/23. The runway is 3489 meters
                                                               long and 46m wide and surfaced with concrete and asphalt.
                                                               The runway enhancement project included runway overlaying,
                                                               strip grading and slope assessment, grading of the runway end
                                                               safety area, stormwater drains construction, and the reinstallation
                                                               of signages. The re-carpeting project was estimated to be
                                                               completed in two phases that would span three calendar years.
                                                               Later, the target was set at 90 days, but it was achieved in just
                                                               75 days! AICPL played a significant role in fulfilling the project’s
                                                               essential requirements. Together with Adani Airport Holding Limited
                                                               (AAHL), they only used nine hours of Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
                                                               daily. During the 75 days of re-carpeting work, AMD kept the
                                                               runway open for 160 daily flights for almost 15 hours a day.
                                                               AICPL, along with Dynapac, was able to achieve an impressive
                                                               world record. The re-carpeting of the 3.5 km runway was done in
                                                               a record time of 74 days – an all-time best amongst brownfield
                                                               runways in India. It is estimated that the amount of asphalt
                                                               laid during the re-carpeting of the runway was equivalent to a
                                                               200km stretch of road, and the concrete used for the runway
                                                               drainage system was enough to build a 40-story structure. In order
                                                               to complete the runway in record time, Dynapac’s full fleet of
                                                               equipment was used. This included Dynapac 9 wheeled CP275
                                                               PTR, CC425 Tandem Roller & SD2530CS Paver. During the project,
                                                               the company also achieved the milestone of laying 4178 metric
                                                               tons of asphalt using the Dynapac Paver in the front row in just 9
                                                               hours. That’s how significant is the role of these two equipment!
                                                               According to Global Market Trends report, the Compaction
                                                               and Paving Equipment Market is growing as a result of several
                                                               significant factors. First and foremost, industry has experienced a
                                                               transformation owing to swift technological advances that have
                                                               made it feasible to develop new products & services. Additionally,
                                                               the demand has grown as a result of shifting consumer choices
                                                               and  growing Compaction  and  Paving Equipment awareness
                                                               among consumers. Government regulations and supportive
              Fast Facts                                       policies have also promoted industrial expansion and investment.
            � The compaction machines market is expected to grow   The global Compaction and Paving Equipment Market is
               at a CAGR of 6.4% between 2023 and 2033. The market   anticipated to expand steadily over the ensuing years as a result
               is expected to hold a market share of US$10.4 billion by   of a mix of ongoing technical developments, rising environmental
               2033, while it is likely to touch the US$5.6 billion in 2023.   consciousness, and the expanding demand for efficient business
            � Intelligent compaction offers improved material stiffness
               or density; reduction of highway repair cost; improved   As per Off-highway Research estimates, India’s ambitious road
               depth of compaction; and lower operating cost.  building programs will continue to require large volumes of
                                                               compaction equipment. “Compaction equipment demand in
            � Heavy compaction machines are set to dominate     the country is mainly met through local production, and imports
               the market due to increasing investments in building   remained insignificant at 1% in 2021. The scale of planned
               & construction activities and the growing adoption   infrastructure development in the country, especially the road
               of machines such as heavy tandem rollers, single   sector, is huge, which will continue to drive the compaction
               drum rollers, and pneumatic rollers in large public   equipment market for many years to come, which is projected to
               infrastructure projects and the commercial sector.   reach 5,000 units by 2026,” stated the report.
            � With the rising government investments in developing
               and upgrading road infrastructure, the overall sales   Trends Update
               of asphalt pavers is poised to surge at 4.4% CAGR   Both soil and asphalt compaction are essential to a well-performing
               between 2022 and 2032, surpassing a total valuation   and long-lasting road structure. While many contractors may think
               of US$3414 million by 2032.                     soil compaction has little impact on the end result of a job, the
                                                               opposite could not be more true; if proper soil compaction is

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