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TECHZONE Give us an understanding of the products Tell us of the international collaborations crucial necessity. Considering this, we at and technologies you offer for the Indian that have enhanced your business? Geofluid plan to soon introduce a ‘Carbon market? Geofluid is an Indian company but we have Reactivation Facility’, which will be a first- Geofluid Processors is an expert in the made alliances with several international of-its-kind product ever introduced in the field of separation science. Our product majors. We enjoy tie-ups with players purification business. Every year people profile involves a vast range of products from USA, France, Japan and Turkey. To purchase and utilise numerous products involving automatic self cleaning filters, name a few, Filternox from Turkey, which which contribute majorly to producing cartridge filters, bag filters, filter papers, specialises in producing state-of-the- activated carbon which is thrown open filter pads, high pressure pumps, dust art automatic filters ; Parker Hannifin to the environment. Through our facility collector bags, filter clothes, activated Corporation, USA which focuses on we will be reactivating and purifying the carbon (powder, granule), dosing filtration, climate and industrial controls, carbon emitted due from distinct products pumps, membranes, membrane cleaning aerospace, motion and control, fluid and industries. The carbon emitted chemicals, resin, filter presses, filter connectors and seals; Ebara Corporation, from any industrial facility or through housings, IR/UV lamps, and pressure Japan, is one of the world leaders in any resource once collected can be vessels. All our products run on automated design, development and manufacturing reprocessed, purified and reactivated in modes, wherein we focus on maintaining of pumps and pumping systems; Tacmina our facility. Our expertise in the national the standardised technical qualities. Corporation, also from Japan, offers and global domain has enabled Geofluid Our technical expertise and ability in pumps designed to work in the range of to arrive upon such a unique initiative. incorporating advanced automation 90 V to 264V. These are equipped with The product will be introduced to the facilities has enabled our products to digital control mode enabling clients to set Indian customers sometime next year. make their presence felt amongst our discharge volumes directly by eliminating We anticipate a prospective demand clientele. conversions and ensuring precise market for this product due to growing injections. Furthermore, ErtelAlsop, USA, environmental concerns and awareness. How equipped is Geofluid to meet the designs and manufactures filtration Besides, stringent application of demands of technology for effective systems and provides peculiar filter media environmental laws by the regulating and infrastructure? to gain clarity and functionality of the governing authorities will further enhance Technology is a vital element and a key application; Ionpure, USA, was the first the need and demand for such products in driver for successful and qualitative company to commercialise continuous the coming years. infrastructure. For the society engaged electro-deionization technology for the in today’s critical process analysis, industrial water market. Apart from those To what extent is cost a deterrent when science and technology calls for we have also established alliances with it comes to purchase of technically equal parts of imagination, skill and Heraeus Nobelight, Knappe Composites, advanced products and equipment? painstaking procedure. ‘Right First Time’ and Nakao Filter Media.In addition, Though the cost driven approach is is the credo at Geofluid Processors. In we also provide Indian players with prevalent in the market, the situation is an industry that is fraught with high equipments and technologies and help gradually improving. A gradual shift is rates of technological change, we bring them in achieving the purification process. being witnessed towards value based a modicum of continuity. Separation Original equipment manufacturers (OEM), qualitative products. Furthermore, science is our field of specialisation waste water and water treatment, industrial with the advent of latest technologies and expertise. Our deliverables include and manufacturing facilities depend and increasing presence of globalised providing state-of-the-art engineering upon us to provide technical assistance. products, customers now show a marked products and solutions in the field of fluid preference for the total lifecycle and filtration, activated carbon, metering Geofluid has established its presence productivity of the products as against pumps as well as integrating these in the Indian market on the back of its cost competitiveness. Moreover, with the technologies into a process chain. We technical uniqueness and automated enforcement of environmental norms we hold the expertise of selecting the right product features. What are the new ‘value consider this as an apt situation for such product systems for optimum effectiveness added’ products and solutions you are products and technologies. Another major and efficiency. Our computer aided looking to introduce to Indian customers? hurdle being witnessed while introducing product selection system enables our India’s embrace of globalisation has such products to the Indian market is the customer to find the right product for all brought in new advanced technologies existence of local, unorganised, players applications by evaluating the size, flow and numerous international players into who offer cheap quality products. efficiency and other variables. Today, our terrain. However, while the advent However, we are also working closely Geofluid possesses enviable expertise of these technologies is progressive, with various pollution control board and in separation technologies, experienced it has also led to a constant concern of effluent treatment authorities across the personnel, internationally acclaimed rising carbon emissions. Addressing country. There is a demand for qualitative products, backed by consistent services. this mounting problem of environmental products and technologies with the ability We, at Geofluid, consider science as concerns in the infrastructure, to address mounting environmental precious life and not just living. construction and industrial segment is a concerns. u NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 79
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