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PROJECT MANAGEMENT Emphasis on need According to a new report organisations can reduce risk by improving requirements management capabilities HOW TO By Business Analyst Learnings As per the the 2014 Pulse of the Profession® Report: Requirements In-Depth Management — A Core Competency for MANAGE Project and Program Success, released by Project Management Institute (PMI), organisations waste $51 million for every $1 billion spent on projects and programs due to poor requirements management. REQUIREMENTS Effectively Research for the report was conducted in May 2014 with responses from 2,066 project and program managers and business analysts. Additional in-depth telephone interviews were conducted with manager-level practitioners for the purpose of obtaining deeper insights into opinions and examples of situations, illustrating how effective requirements prioritise your prepare your organize requirements management contributes to project and requirements requirements package review sessions program success. The report set out to better understand Discuss with stakeholders, fnd out This is what you will Go over requirements with requirements management in which ones should communicate to stakeholders to confrm organisations and how these competencies come frst and why stakeholders their agreement can be improved to boost project success store requirements rates while reducing budget risk. The Pulse attributes Requirements study found that, while many organizations attributes give life to lack maturity in requirements management requirements by (only 20 per cent reported a high level of shedding light on their contexts maturity), some are already taking steps to make improvements in these areas. baseline your conduct impact trace your More than one-half of respondents report requirements analysis requirements focussed on more defined practices and Identify and maintain the processes (58 per cent) and revisions to Make a change only link between requirements, Create a snapshot of after impact analysis business objectives, business current processes (53 per cent). requirements at a has been done to rules, design elements, code Additionally, organisations are recognizing specifc point in time to assess its units and test cases help you track changes consequences the need to create and maintain a higher standard of requirements management capabilities in their workforce, with 48 per cent of study respondents reporting a renewed focus on employee training. The difference in maturity levels is dramatic: high-performing organizations waste almost 10 times less money on projects and programs due to poor requirements practise requirements maintain your use requirements versioning requirements management tools management than their lower-performing counterparts — about 1 per cent of every Maintain the history of This involves storing They reduce the hassles changes to requirements of manual dollar spent compared to 10 per cent. requirements so that information so that requirements storage The Project Management Institute their evolution and the they can be and management defines requirements management as reasoning behind that accessed and used evolution can be by other business the discipline of planning, monitoring, tracked analysts in the future analysing, communicating and controlling requirements. Within an organisation, 76 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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