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GREENITIATIVES concerns known as the State Green Employment: Evolving prospects for individuals enjoying rich Environmental Committees under the opportunities expertise from an environment studies umbrella of the Ministry of Environment While sustainable cities and structures background. and Forests. There is a need for a are the prime benefits accruing from Our country is not devoid of achieving citizen friendly approach due to the green construction activities, the process any technical challenges, as we complexities in the understanding of also helps in generating employment for are abundantly blessed today with current environmental policies and its a niche segment of qualified personnel. advanced technologies and equipments. implementation mechanisms. Moreover, The practise of green when effectively A major concern which needs immediate chipping in a peculiar green building followed and monitored by the governing focus is awareness over the effective mandate can further enhance the authorities will open up a new scope of utilisation of resources and technologies prospects for following the practise of development for green constructions. available. It must also be said the vision green construction in India. Though The situation will also considerably of retrofitting of existing cities and new the prominence gained by green improve the importance and scope for smart cities’ development can be only construction is being widely discussed; environmental education and ultimately achieved through eco-construction. The the actual practise of the process has result in employment opportunities. Today, green building approach and energy not made much headway due to the though our country has a rich inflow of efficient construction modes needs to complexities in terms of environmental environmental engineers, environmental be considered as a mandate for all clearance. Today, green construction scientists and architects, the section kind of developmental activities by our is either considered as a USP trend enjoys limited job prospects. The government. Only that can effectively or is observed as corporate social aggressive adoption of green construction turn the dream of a green and sustainable responsibility (CSR). practices can considerably enhance job India into reality. u GunG ho over Green Key services offered: PEC Solutions Green Designs Pvt. Ltd. provides integrated and sustainable approach to Assistance in Green ratings design a green building with minimal environmental impact and reduces consumption for buildings, landscapes and of natural resources effectively. The Mumbai based firm provides consultancy services companies with a holistic approach right from the project planning stage till its commissioning by Green designs incorporating five elements of Nature i.e. water, fire, air, earth and sky. This sustainable approach has helped its various clients to achieve efficiency in water and energy Third party assessors usage. The use of eco-friendly materials and technologies has reduced the demand Environmental approvals and legal of natural resources drastically in their projects. The company helps corporates and advice organisations by providing them a well defined strategy for sustainable development Monitoring over sustainability - as per their requirements. It also provides support to monitor environmental, social environment & energy and economical performance which enables organisations to achieve their long term CSR and sustainability advisors goals of sustainable business. NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 75
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