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GREENITIATIVES Verdant prescriptions Indians need to discard a self-centred approach and must focus upon green construction as a long-term mode of investment, recommends MALA SINGH, CHAIRMAN & MD, PEC SOLUTIONS GREEN DESIGNS PVT LTD. ‘Green’ can be considered as a synonym construction is a practice associated with most commonly associated with the two primary functions: concept of innovative and environment • Imparting energy efficiency through friendly form of construction activities. renewable and effective utilisation of Though the term is gaining popularity natural resources in the infrastructure and construction • Protecting and restoring human domain India still lags far behind in the health and environment throughout actual practise of basic concepts. Among the life-cycle of the construction the core stakeholders who are directly process – design, construction, associated with the green building operation, maintenance, renovation momentum being witnessed in our and deconstruction country are green consultants. The role of consultants in achieving effectiveness Imperfections in ‘Green’ practice in green eco-constructions has assumed Construction is an activity involving joint great significance in recent times. contribution of distinct stakeholders who Green Building, prominently related are not just the building material providers with sustainable or high performance or contractors but also consultants, NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 73
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