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COMPANY FOCUS equipment’s, know-how and experience at in-build Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD). M42-5 has also been a great success story, the service of our honourable customers This enables the operator to determine the with five flexible short arms in the RZ-fold and build together, the India of future,” real time operating status of the machine system, with a horizontal, a vertical, and foresees Theissen. He anticipates the and diagnose all faults. This system a downward reach, with practice oriented situation to further brighten up with a reduces the restrictions in hydraulic oil equipment, as well as accessories and an strong-stable government, stability in flow; and as a result, the heat generation incredibly compact base structure. These currency and control upon inflation, easing in this hydraulic system is minimized and features are only a few to name and make the access to money. thus saves recurring maintenance cost. sure that the most complicated concrete According to Theissen, unavailability of The equipment as requires only 70 litres placement can be achieved with great skilled workforce though is a challenge for of hydraulic oil, is fuel efficient, as this is ease, especially when it comes to reaching the infrastructure and construction players, almost up to five times less as compared low buildings or overcoming obstacles. The it prevails as an opportunity for machinery to our competitors. M42-5 truly aims at great and effective manufacturers. “The availability of unqualified labour and the pressure on the contractors to finish the jobs on time is a prime challenge. The situation hence demands for fastening the volume of construction activities by minimizing the time and cost involved – ultimately leading for mechanization to become mandatory,” echoes Theissen. Owing to the prevalent potentials the market is expected to grow by 10-15 per cent in 2015 and is hopeful to escalate by 20 per cent further in 2016-17. Adopting the ‘Green Wave’ Putzmeister is on a constant mode of introducing new products into the market, especially which can respond to the latest market requirements. The German major Putzmeister also introduced the new construction work, saving time and effort. with its customer-centric approach focuses generation boom pump M36-4 NG that In addition, the dedicated R and D to meet the dynamic feature demands has been built using aluminium and Department ensures in developing the ensuring low noise, less fuel consumption, high-grade lightweight steel reducing the new machines with advanced safety better ergonomics etc. which enable the weight by more than two tonnes. The Boom features, thereby making it safer to product to be more economical, user and Pumps are equipped with ‘Big Mouth’ operate. Putzmeister thrives on helping environment friendly. delivery cylinders of 230 mm diameter, the industry by avoiding accidents, by The company has undertaken major are 32 percent more efficient in filling the ensuring total safety to clients and the landmark projects with its innovative pipeline than its smaller counterparts with workforce involved. Creating advantage pumping solutions with their new a diameter of 200 mm. The Hydraulic tank for the customers through qualitative generation machines of both stationary capacity has been reduced to 275 liters, experience and innovation has always as well as boom pumps. For instance, which is 30 percent less compared to other and still is a great passion at Putzmeister. the new BSA 1405D eSmart pump, is machines in the market, making it much The German maestro constantly seeks to equipped with high-tech HMI (Human more economical and eco-friendly to run. develop more such features as per the ever Machine Interface) control panel and an Finally yet importantly, the Boom Pump evolving market requirements. 64 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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