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InsIde noveMBeR 2014 Cover Story 10 Cleaning up india The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the recently launched national movement for public cleanliness, presents a huge business opportunity for players of the global cleantech industry interview: varun Karthikeyan r, MD, Roots Multiclean HouSIng 20 demand surge As per a Cushman & Wakefield report India’s construction sector will not be short of work over the next 5 years with additional housing demand to be about 2.95 million units across eight cities realty bIz 28 "There is a huge demand for affordable housing in Kolkata and we would like to cater to that need" indrajit de, Chairman, eden City Group InterIorS 31 stamp Of COnCrete "We expect opportunities to further emerge with increased awareness of our products" sanjay Kumar das, Ceo, Bomanite India InteraCtIon On teCh-pOwered preCaSt ConCrete 36 grOwth mOdules Lean Construction and 38 the plus faCtOr Information Management Precast concrete is Systems are the new mantras to increasingly becoming escalate operational efficiencies ubiquitous in real estate projects across the n neelakanteswaran, executive Director country mainly on account of the enormous (operations), Capacit'e Infraprojects benefits it offers constructors 6 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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