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MAT-vAnTAge MAT-vAnTAge types of soft woods. We have the boreal can provide for either hardwoods to replace Gandhidham, Gujarat where we will forest softwood, the northern forests which tropical hardwoods or we can supply demonstrate the merits of Canadian door surround the globe including northern softwood to replace tropical hardwoods frame systems vis a vis traditional door Russia, Sc andinavia and this includes as well. We have the choice of both. frame systems. We are getting involved in species of spruce, pine and fir. Then we a lot of educational programme. We don’t have temperate soft wood which comes Have you assessed the size of the have plenty of resources at the moment but from the rainforests on the coast of British requirement of the Indian market? Can are focused towards approaching a larger Columbia. These temperate softwoods you throw some light on the demand and group of people and allow the message to more closely resemble hardwoods for supply? trickle down. which there is a need in India. Well currently there is a supply deficit in India has its own hardwood. Teak, Sal, India of about 7 and half million cubic Is there understanding and appreciation Rosewood and many other species are meters. Domestic production is claimed to for your products in India? How do you grown in this country, but the demand has be at 40 million cubic meters of industrial market your products here? out-distanced the ability of India to supply raw wood. I am unsure on the accuracy of India is a big country and there is for its own needs. That has led to import the figure though, according to a forecast tremendously diverse demand for of supplies from Myanmar, Malaysia, in 2012 the figure could rise to about 12 wood. What people like in Kerala may Indonesia and African countries. But million by the year 2020 and 20 million be different from what people do in even these countries are now unable by 2030. Now with Myanmar introducing Karnataka, Maharashtra or in Himachal to meet India's future demands. Hence, restrictions on exports from April 1 this Pradesh. It varies across the country. I we see the trend changing from tropical year – the reason for the halt in log exports think there is a change and people are hardwood in India to northern softwood being illegal logging – we expect another beginning to see what we are doing. or northern hardwood. If you look at the 2 million to be further added to the total We are becoming known because of imports in recent years you will notice deficit. In the next three years we could some of our efforts. For example we are there has been a change in the trend in be nudging up close to a 10 million cubic doing a product trial with a big furniture terms of wood supply. Canadians are the meters of deficit in India. manufacturer, we have done successful largest exporters of wood products in the trials with DS Stores in Delhi— they are a world. Our country is three times the size How much of the deficit does Canada large door manufacturer. We have got a of India. We have 35 million people, which expect to address? hotel project at Dharamsala in Himachal is a fraction of your population. Just our We will address a very small part of that Pradesh. As we continue to showcase state of British Columbia is almost 1/3rd – our total supply currently amounts to the use of Canadian wood slowly we will the size of India. We have plenty of room less than 20,000 cubic meters. We don’t get a foothold in the Indian market. We to grow trees and we grow them on a 100 expect to be a big player in India in the work with Indian partners, importers like year rotation. We harvest only less than 1 short term, but what we would like to do Woodbarn, to push our products in India. per cent a year which we keep replanting. is to supply products, play a prominent Our forest will continue to grow decade role in the whole green building and Tell us about the material advantage after decade, century after century, and sustainability movement. So whether you offered by your products vis a vis other we will always have sustainable supply use wood from Canada or Europe or from wood alternatives? of wood. So as India learns to appreciate plantations in New Zealand or wherever For one our forests are sustainably our wood and the product can be used else we support the use of sustainable managed. We do not cut our forests down for - chairs, doors, furniture, windows and forest products. Sustainable development and forget about them. We replace the any manner of things. They can be used is important to us. As demand increases trees that we have cut down since we interchangeably instead of hardwoods, but in India’s construction industry Canadian started harvesting our forest 200 years they are coming from sustainable sources. wood can become available. Our job right ago. Some of our forest cover has been We believe that there will be a growing now is to teach people about Canadian sacrificed for cities and agriculture but demand for products from Canada. wood and their qualities so that people still 94 per cent of our forest cover remains realise there is an alternative. intact. The government controls all the Are there parallels in the type of wood forest management in the country and we here in India and the kind of wood What does your organisation do to will always have wood available. The most produced in Canada? drive home the understanding for your important thing we can offer is sustainably Absolutely, they can be applied to the same products in Indian construction sector? managed forests. Another advantage is uses, typically teak has been the wood of Among the many things that we do that the Canadian Wood species from choice. But India also uses species like are taking the message to the media, British Columbia are conditioned to suit oak,beach, black walnut, birch, maple, advertising, seminars and road shows India’s climate. They are easy to work, sycamore and many different hardwoods at various venues where we tell local carve, glue, are highly treatable, take that come from the north but not from the importers, builders and architects stains and finish very well compared tropical areas and we also in Canada offer about the merits of Canadian wood. to India wood. Further Canadian wood hardwoods from eastern Canada. So we We are participating in trade show at grows very slowly. It is not like what you 54 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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