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MAT-vAnTAge MAT-vAnTAge WESTERN HEMLOCK For wood named after a weed used to poison Socrates because of its similar smell, Western Hemlock is hardly poisonous. It is one of British Columbia’s most abundant trees. Sourced from sustainable forests in the region, the USP of Western Hemlock is that it is a light coloured wood with no resin and one can create any finish or colour stain to the wood as desired. Be it mahogany, ebony, walnut or even a natural stain, Western Hemlock is well-suited for this purpose. One can have a door, window, panellings or even furniture which suits the colour palette to add that extra panache to a home. Colour staining the wood can create a very different style quotient, making it a great option for all kinds of decors and furniture. This helps break the monotony and ensures a lasting impression at one’s home or office. Another advantage is that Canadian Wood species from British Columbia are conditioned to suit the climate in India. Lumber imported from B.C. is heat treated, kiln dried and seasoned to the correct moisture content to suit Indian manufacturers’ needs. It’s easy to treat with a simple borate treatment which will give years of pleasure, so one doesn’t have to worry about pests or termites anymore. The other added benefit of this wood is that it is very easy to carve where one can create artistic and intricate patterns on the wood providing a unique signature element. One can create contemporary inspired designs where the glue and screw holding is not a problem as compared to other commonly used hardwoods. Each design on the wood will look like a majestic masterpiece crafted where the elaborate detailed design will stand out. Being light weight with high strength and density has numerous advantages. This is why Western Hemlock is the perfect solid wood for doors, windows, furniture, interior woodworking and mouldings. 52 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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