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Special FocuS-FlooringS induStrial leaders offering diverse technologies. any challenges in the market: technology answer is, they want to avoid corrosion, In the international market, we export and commerce. ie, visual rusting. The concrete also epoxy and PU-Concrete floorings. To corrodes and erodes if it is unprotected. name a few illustrious projects in various What are the prevalent trends in the Oils, fuels and chemicals go into the market segments, I would like to mention industrial flooring segment? ground, thus polluting the ground water. here about the 1.5 lakh sq m flooring job In the industrial flooring segment, the All industrial floors need to be protected we did for Honda. Similarly, we did the majority of players are indulged in epoxy with floor coatings. Another challenge is single largest pharma order for Sandoz. formulations which are run-of-the mill to face the competition from unorganised Currently, we’ve bagged the largest types of floorings. Very few are engaged in sectors which flood the market with low flooring in F&B order from Cadbury. PU or PU Concrete floorings. The customers cost epoxies. Our endeavour is to make the are looking beyond conventional floorings. customers aware of epoxy’s shortcomings Which are the major demand sectors for I feel that epoxy floorings have overrun and convert them to PU, EPU or PU your products in India and what are the their shelf life. Polyaspartics and MMA Concrete followers. opportunities you are seeking to grow will hold a future, as both are rapid your business? curing with so many welcome features. We Tell us about the new growth areas for When we introduced floor coatings, the introduced the first hybrid flooring, EPU, your business in the coming years? pharma and F&B segments were in a very but to counter our movement, many came We target now pharma and F&B segments. nascent stage in India. The advent of Maruti out with cheaper imitations which created These segments never show any slowdown, in 80s changed the automobile scenario doubts in customer minds. EPU and PU unlike auto and engineering. India is a of the country and we focussed our efforts will replace epoxies slowly. growing market for these segments. Car in auto and engineering segments. Even park flooring is another growth area for today, our major revenues are still coming Tell us about your emphasis on the coming years. We are doing a major from this segment, as we are present in sustainability and green in the course of car park job at Lulu Mall, Asia’s largest 90 per cent of the automobile companies. product development? shopping mall chain at Kochi. We also Auto sector witnessed recession in the last We are very conscious of our planet and want to introduce new technologies like few years which forced us to look into other the environment we are living in. It is our polyaspartics and MMA in industrial untapped segments. Today, our focus area endeavour to use maximum renewable flooring scenario. is F&B segment and with our PU-Concrete sources in our products. Castor oil, technology, we have made rapid progress Castor oil based polyols, Cardanol With growing emphasis on urbanisation in this segment. based phenalkamines and amides and big ticket infrastructure projects are predominantly employed in our what are the prospects for the industrial Tell us about your manufacturing units, formulations. We do not use hazardous flooring industry in the coming years? their current capacities and investments chemicals like chromes, leads etc. Our I feel that there is a huge potential for and plans to raise the profile of your firm company is actively involved in Green commercial floorings in India to replace going forward? Building activities. granites and marbles. During my recent We have two manufacturing units at trip to Qatar, I saw the entire airport was Shirwal, 70 kms away from Pune on Pune- What are the major challenges faced by floored by epoxy terrazzo with over 100,000 Bangalore highway. We have the largest the Indian industrial flooring industry - sq mtrs of it. I want to work in that direction manufacturing capacities for flooring and what are the solutions you propose where art and science are fused to bring products to the tune of 20,000 tons per to facilitate ease of doing business? innovative designs and patterns. Car park annum. We do manufacture our own Many consider that coating on concrete is floorings will get a major boost in the resins, adducts and hardeners. We are still a luxury. Our challenge is to convert infrastructure revolution. We have also setting up a new facility to manufacture these people into prospective customers. come out with high strength cementitious industrial colourants. With such backward I always ask them: Why do you paint on screeds as underlays which will find a integration, our company is poised to meet metal structures in your facilities? Their market in the changed scenario. u NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 47
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