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Special FocuS-FlooringS induStrial Growth Drivers Strong marketing & increased customer awareness Skill development among workers Product innovation Low cost products Adoption of modern techniques for delivery Increased infrastructural investments Policies for promotion of construction chemicals Define quality standards While a few contractors display tremendous technical skills others simply content of the concrete floor or the ambient considerably. A few manufactures however follow construction procedures without dew-point, scratch coats and levelling are involved in converting these hurdles thinking of the technical ramifications. coats to even out the floors are generally into opportunities. Chowgule ABP focuses Since many projects demand very quick missing from the specifications.” on serving its customers as a complete turnaround, the inability to fulfil technical The solution here is to raise awareness and end-to-end solution provider, with its requirements lead to several bad practices the Construction Chemical Manufacturer’s team monitoring the entire installation which lead to failure. Association (CCMA) has embraced the process. Improper installations coupled with low education agenda to achieve the desired The emphasis now for flooring compound thickness floorings leading to floor failures, results. manufacturers is on product innovation lack of professionals in installation despite The presence of unorganised – which takes into account issues like the availability of quality resin products manufacturers in the sector is the other sustainability, green and corrosion, not to and presence of low cost epoxy resins etc major concern impacting the introduction mention the cost factor. can be outlined as the few other major of new advanced flooring solutions. This Given the low awareness and price hindrances faced in the flooring market. forces the customers to opt for low cost sensitive nature of the Indian market, Surlaker points out a bad practice common products as against products ensuring the main challenge is to get consumers to to his industry, “A moisture barrier is often total warranty based compounds. accept products which, while seemingly a missing element in industrial floorings. Hence, despite the availability of quality expensive, are invaluable while Resin based floorings are often applied products the lack of trained sealant considering the long-term benefits. without cross checking the moisture- applicators affect the quality of structure The Indian government’s initiatives Indian Construction Chemical product share (%age) towards favouring the construction of eco-structures, implementation of National Building Code and Green Certifications for the industrial and manufacturing sector is expected to further brighten the prospects for the flooring market. The growing focus towards development of Special Economic Zones, Industrial Hubs, machine run or automated manufacturing facilities etc is also expected to boost the growth of the flooring segment across India. Despite the the technological best practices being introduced in the the flooring market, standardisation still pose as a major challenge when it comes to wide- spread acceptance of solutions. Hence, it is of utmost importance for governing and regulatory bodies to come together in defining quality standards for industrial flooring segments. This will aid the sector in preventing the inflow of sub-standard products in the flooring market. u 42 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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