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Special FocuS-FlooringS induStrial awareness. By restricting the ingress of A recent entrant into the Indian industrial moisture, flooring solutions provide a flooring segment, Flowcrete, too abides by ‘sealed’ structure to make the surface the same philosophy of functioning as per resistant from corrosion. the green-approach. M Vivekanandan, Durability and sustainability are the key Managing Director, words today in construction. Concrete Flowcrete India Pvt Ltd., structures are being designed with a 100- is led to say, “Our water 150 year design life. This can be achieved based and low VOC only when the concrete floor is protected formulations result in with correct flooring systems. Technology, less Ozone pollution, while has refined the structural appeal and also ensure fewer of construction activities, has also emission of smog escalated concerns towards protecting forming chemicals,” Earth’s resources. In this new phase of In addition, the flooring compound major construction Green is the driving mantra. also provides solutions like Flowsport, A very recent and evolving product Mondeco, Isocrete, Flowfresh and Isowarm innovation are solvent-free industrial from recycled materials enabling it to flooring compounds. considerably save the natural resources Sustainability is a key factor for product and structures more energy efficient. development at MC-Bauchemie (India) Speciality chemicals firm Chowgule, Pvt Ltd. The speciality chemicals major which will be soon completing 100 years of ensures that all the industrial flooring its operations, is also treading the green compounds it produces are totally path of solvent-free industrial flooring solvent-free and REACH Compliant. “In products. Totally solvent-free products our experience, our flooring systems are manufactured without involving themselves have shown a life in excess nonylphenol and alkylphenol compounds. of 15 years on some structures. If the Energy efficient floors catering to the system can last that environmental and operational needs long, the structure it of the industrial sector are also being protects can have a welcomed by architect community today. virtually inexhaustible Effective flooring compounds, apart from design life,” says adding an aesthetic appeal also make the Sunny Surlaker, Head, surface areas load and energy resistant. Admixtures Division, The compounds offering such resistant cost can be saved by the utilisation of MC-Bauchemie (India) abilities are being highly recommended current technologies and through customer Pvt Ltd. by the architects involved in industrial construction, as they contribute positively Construction Market Opportunity (INR Trillion) towards maintaining inner-working conditions. “Green is the epicentre of construction today. Contractors have well understood the importance of flooring compounds with low VOC or zero VOC abilities, however a major concern is on the availability of skilled labour in the application front,” says Sandeep Shikre, LEED AP, President & CEO, SSA Architects. Challenges & opportunities ahead Lack of awareness and availability of skilled labour are the principal problems facig the industrial flooring segment. The sector today has workers who represent two ends of the spectrum. NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 41
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