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Special FocuS-FlooringS induStrial The floor test Along with the ascent of new technologies there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability and durability in the industrial flooring market. VEENA KURUP examines the market trends. One of the few areas of construction which the flooring industry is placed at strengthening of damaged floors, as well witnessing a sea-change in structural about `500 crore. Among tthe specialty as in improving the aesthetic appeal. advancement is beneath our feet – flooring solutions which cater to a variety In addition, technical developments flooring, to give it a name. Apart from of sectors, a sub-segment witnessing have enabled these flooring compounds refining the structural appeal it has increasing mass popularity is the industrial to have special surface abilities which also brought in a new dimension to what section. Global construction companies ensure slip resistance, static resistance, was once considered as a plain gray foraying into the Indian market are now fire resistance, antibacterial resistance substrate. Though at a nascent stage increasingly setting up manufacturing and even energy and sound resistance. when compared with the large spectrum units this is today a major demand driver A prime necessity to utilise such specialty of construction chemicals a discernible for the industrial flooring segment. chemical solutions is the common shift towards growth is being witnessed phenomena of corrosion. According to in the flooring industry. Merchandising Green Phase NACE International’s US Corrosion Study, As per the Specialty Chemicals report Industrial flooring compounds are mostly the direct cost of metallic corrosion is released by FICCI, the flooring sector epoxy and polyurethane based arwhich $276 billion annually, representing 3.1 per contributes to about 14 per cent of the meet the demands of resistant surfaces cent of the US Gross Domestic Product . total construction chemical industry in tough working conditions. Industrial However, unlike damage accruing from revenues. The report values the revenue flooring compounds are generally natural calamities, corrosion concerns generated from the total construction used to address abrasion, load impact, can be effectively addressed at a cost. chemical segment at `3600 crore, of chemical attacks, moisture penetration, Industry analysts aver that a third of this 40 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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