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interaction On tech-powered growth modules Lean Construction and Information Management Systems are the new mantras to escalate operational efficiencies. N NeelakaNteswaraN, executive Director (operatioNs), capacit'e iNfraprojects shares his insights in an interview with coNstructioN opportuNities. What is the thrust area in your efforts at preventing unnecessary transportation, critical path and committed implementing lean construction? piling up of stock, idling of resources, over- resources Our primary objective is to ensure on- work/over-consumption or over deployment, * Map the value stream of key processes time completion of construction projects repairs/rectifications or rework activities. on an ‘as-is’ basis undertaken by us within the budgeted costs, Hence, we mostly focus upon minimising * Decide the future state map of key by assuring compliances involving statutory, the total time cycle of activity, inventory, processes desired, cutting waste and contractual and procedural purposes. resource deployment, avoiding wasteful establishing reliability Establishing reliability and predictability expenditure and by maximising productivity * Plan, communicate and implement in construction activities is essential to and resource utilization. Our approach in the shift from the ‘as-is’ stage to the minimise waste and maximise value lean construction is on making reliable desired stage generation. Aligning content sequence, time work flow by structuring and managing and outcome of competent activities with the project as a value generating chain of What are the specific things you are the project activities is of crucial importance processes. looking for in such an exercise? in a project. The expenditure of resources The lean construction drive aims to meet in any aspect other than the direct value How have you implemented the lean ‘Efficiency, Effectiveness and Empowerment creation for the end-customer is wasteful. construction drive? requirements. The process focuses to Any facet that consumes, time, resource or We have engaged a technical consultant achieve this by minimising waste and space and adds zero-value to the product with vast experience in this field, for guiding maximising value. We are especially the or service is a waste. Such elements hence us through the process of implementing targeting to achieve the following results: are direct targets for elimination. lean construction at our project sites. * Reduce time-cycle, stock / work-in- Wastage of resources can be avoided by We have proceeded to standardise the progress and material waste/scrap processes by refreshing our standard * Improvement in productivity, earned operating procedures and coming out with value and KPI pocket books / hand books. These books * Standardisation of processes, involve various aspects of construction sustainable improvements and management activities, besides refreshing training activities key performance indicators and other measurement parameters. What are the difficulties you are We have set out the following sequence of anticipating in implementing the lean action in undertaking this exercise: construction practice? * Focus on Project goals - considering Primarily, creating a conducive environment contract requirements and cost of at project sites to accept such approaches delays are essential. A willingness to change the * Select key processes by identifying daily routine, especially relating to the 36 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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