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INTERIORS What gives Bomanite India a competitive edge over its competitors in the market? Bomanite India more than a product manufacturer prevails as an end-to-end solution provider to its customers. Right from conceptual stage and specification development to a world class installation, our professionals bring unmatched expertise right to the customer’s doorstep with superior Bomanite systems. Bomanite product lines deliver the best possible combination of creative design options for every project. Bomanite Imprint Systems are cast-in-place concrete flooring and paving which add a distinctive architectural touch to any project, together with the durability to stand up to the toughest traffic loads and environmental operational strategy and the uniqueness its distinct Exposed Aggregate Finishing, conditions. Our technical excellence in product and technology have enabled Precast Concrete Countertops, and Sustain enables us to offer our customers distinct us to successfully establish ourselves as a Custom Polishing Systems. concreting solutions as per the project market leader in the sector. requirements, aesthetic appeal and in What are the major demand drivers for different moulds and colour patterns. Can you tell us about the products your products in India? We have a technically rich workforce offered for the Indian market? Housing and commercial segments can be which is trained under international For over five decades, Bomanite Imprint considered as the major demand drivers standards. All our products and Systems have offered homeowners and for our products. Bomanite India majorly installation processes are practised as design professionals a virtually limitless caters to the premium commercial sectors per Bomanite US standards. As a company palette of colors, textures, and patterns and luxury residential properties. Through Bomanite believes in offering ‘Quality – at a fraction of the cost of traditional our colour hardeners we also cater to the over Quantity’. We provide effective materials. Bomanite Imprint Systems industrial and the manufacturing sectors. training at all our franchising facilities gives you more than 100 patterns and We believe that the customer needs to to ensure highest quality installation and custom tooling options with a wide firstly understand the value and suitability services. This enables us to check three variety of standard and custom coloring of the product. Hence, even the residential prime elements – raw material utilised, options. Bomacron, a textured version of or commercial sectors have their own the process of installation and the the original, is a cast-in-place, coloured limitations, but the product has already quality of workmanship. Our qualitative and imprinted, but provides the added well established itself in the premium and dimension of texture and relief between luxury segment. We anticipate the scope the joint lines. The product simulates a of opportunities to further emerge with wide variety of natural materials including increasing customer awareness. slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, wood and cobblestone. With growing emphasis on the ‘Green Another revolutionary approach to design Mantra’ how do you plan to grow your with architectural concrete is the Bomanite business? Toppings Systems. Comprising Patène Bomanite India will be soon launching Artectura, Micro-Top, Micro-Top XT, Thin- our internationally established Pervious Set, Self-Leveler, HD Mortar, as well as Concrete Systems. Also known as Bomanite Repair Systems and additional Ecokrete, it is a unique and effective toppings and finishes, Bomanite Toppings method used by concrete professionals Systems is capable of turning any stable to address important environmental substrate into a prize-winning work of art issues and support sustainable growth at a fraction of the time and cost normally initiatives. Apart from this we will be also associated with elaborate forming and launching another product called Vertical design work. The Systems can refurbish Systems, a technology combined with old, worn out surfaces and turn them lightweight-polymer-modified-mixture to into new and exciting expanses of color, enable workability in vertical surfaces. pattern and texture. Apart from these We are hopeful of making both the product innovative solutions, Bomanite also offers additions by next year. u NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 33
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