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COVER STORY and development. How can such technology be made initiative. As a leading Indian cleaning available to all across the country? machinery manufacturer we will provide Which are the projects which Cost is definitely a key factor and India our best possible support to the Swachh your products and solutions have being a very cost conscious market, we Bharat Abhiyan, a very important project. supported? focus on delivering machines which are It is imperative to keep homes, workplaces From day one, we have been supporting common areas clean. We see a huge various projects. In the government sector potential for sweepers, scrubbers, vacuum we have worked very closely with Indian cleaners and general cleaning tools. We Railways during thei r drive in 1997. We will certainly take a deep look into the have tied up with the New Delhi Municipal same and do whatever is needed. Corporation (NDMC) for various solutions to clean their roads and alleyways. We What in your view will be the challenges also have our machines running in almost for the Cleanliness campaign? What are all Delhi metro stations, which ensure that the must do steps for the government to the stations are kept neat and tidy despite address the fault zones? the heavy footfalls. For the Commonwealth In India, all such campaign starts with Games we were one of the cleaning great euphoria, the engine starts losing machines suppliers to keep the city clean not only cost competitive but also very its steam over a period of time. The and tidy. We have been providing one durable and robust enough to weather government needs to ensure that doesn’t stop solutions to thousands of corporates tough Indian conditions. Although people happen. Cleanliness campaign being – customers like Maruti Suzuki, Daimler are aware of different technologies a social initiative, a larger role has to Benz, Tata Motors, Jindal Steel, Apollo available for cleaning, cost being a be played by industries, educational tires, MRF tyres, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, deciding factor, many of them still opt for Institutions, service organisations and BMW, Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Mahindra & manual cleaning. But the days are not far government establishments. A support Mahindra and Volkswagen. off where mechanised cleaning will be mechanism needs to the evolved so the only way forward to have a cleaner that everyone is involved in this great Tell us about the markets for your environment. We are already starting to movement. products and your strategies to push have manpower shortages for such manual your products and solutions further? cleaning. As time goes on it will become What are you going to do to raise the Our cleaning machines are extensively more and more difficult to find people to profile of your company in the coming used by all types of environments, do manual cleaning. days? for both indoor cleaning as well as We at Roots Multiclean have always outdoor cleaning. Awareness to keep the What kind of a role does your company believed that the only way to raise the environment clean is growing steadily and expect to play in the new cleanliness value of our company is to provide more we have been constantly working with thrust launched by the prime minister? value to the customer. This has been our various agencies to increase the same. What are the new opportunities you will mantra and we have been doing this since We participate in fairs, exhibitions and be seeking and do you have a specific the inception and will continue to do so. We conduct promotional events on a pan-India plan of action to address them? want to offer more value in terms of lesser basis wherever opportunity arises. We must really compliment the new cost, more durability, less service issues What is the cost of your solutions and how government at the Centre for taking and finally the least cost of ownership to much does cost dictate market demand. such an excellent and a much needed the customer. u NOVEMBER 2014|construction opportunities 19
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