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COVER STORY offered its services for organisations such growing up beyond their former limits – and ahead even small firms are now in the as the Delhi Jal Board, HPCL and others, is in the process swallowing up their former fray for a slice of the burgeoning clean also expected to play a significant role in satellites – the once clean rural areas have technology market. Sadhana Enviro operations to rid the Ganga and other water become the new national wastelands in Engineering Services offers one stop bodies across the country of pollutants. the absence of a sustainable plan to solutions for municipal garbage, sewage The company which currently imports clear them of trash – much of it poisonous handling and transportation. It supplies membranes from the US while developing for the environment. On an average an equipment like high pressure sewer jetting the rest of its products in India, will be Indian city generates around 2500 tons of hoses, suction pumps, desilting tools, road setting up its new manufacturing facility waste every day. In recent times however sweeping machines, garbage processing in Goa soon. Sudhir Gupta Managing several urban local bodies like municipal compactors and loaders to various urban Director, Environmental Dynamics corporations have taken the public private local bodies, municipal corporations and International, says, “Our diffused aerators partnership approach to solid waste water boards in Karnataka cities like are required for various industries so the collection and disposal. Another positive Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad, Bellary, Bidar, possible canvas of our operations in the sign is the formation of citizen's collective Gulbarga. The Bengaluru based firm has new India Cleanup campaign is expected across various parts of India which, while now made its presence felt in Tamil Nadu to be very big. We will have a lot of role to playing the role of pressure groups, are and Kerala and is looking to expand its play especially in sewage treatment plants.” also supporting municipal corporations in reach to other states. Apart from distributing With water, natural gas, steam, mineral oil, sanitation issues. machines produced by various players it chemicals being some of the fluids that will Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. offers a complete carries out manufacturing and after sales have to be measured day in and day out as portfolio of advanced environmental service activities like supplies of spares and India looks to bring in a measure of control solutions and services for industrial, accessories and operation in its natural and industrial environment, infrastructure and municipal applications and maintenance companies like Endress+Hauser, a global – the company pioneered the production of equipment. Says leader in measurement instrumentation, of world class ion exchange resins, T S Nagaraj, Founder services and solutions for industries commissioned India’s first reverse osmosis Proprietor, Sadhana such as chemicals, petrochemicals, food element plant in Halol, Gujarat and is a Enviro Engineering and beverage, oil and gas, water and major supplier of water treatment plants to Services, “With the wastewater, power and energy and life the country’s industrial sector – is looking government’s emphasis sciences, sees the cleanliness programme to contribute majorly to the national on Swachh Bharat getting rid of waste has as a big opportunity to consolidating cleanliness effort. Ajay Popat, Director, increasingly become everyone’s business its business across Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd, is led to today. With so much work ahead players India. Says Sunil Bhor, say “I think the campaign is a notable like us cannot afford to waste any business AGM, Sales Water step towards making our cities and our that comes our way.” Waste Water, Endress communities clean from litter to begin No one can argue with the cleanliness + Hauser (India) Pvt with. As far as my company is concerned embedded in Nagaraj’s logic. His is a Ltd., “We have a wealth we would like to be a No 1 solution provider sweeping statement which not just Prime of experience in the for any step required to be taken in terms Minister Modi but even old warrior Sam area of municipal waste of managing waste. The Clean Ganga would approve. water treatment. With the help of online campaign is a very big programme of But for the larger message of a Clean instrumentation plants one can optimise cleanliness and there will be about 150 India to seep through the country’s social the treatment process as well as raise plant treatment plants being set up along the fabric will take some doing. Education at efficiencies.” river which is a big opportunity for players the grassroots level will hold the key to Greater water demands and the increasing like us. Also the fact the rejuvenation the country’s cleanliness conundrum. Not problems of environmental pollution as programme will be extended to other rivers the one off display of sweeping on streets well as of industrial and municipal waste means that there will be a lot of work to be on Gandhi Jayanti Day. Cleanliness disposal call for an integrated approach of done. We have demonstrated our capability cannot just be one person’s pipe dream. total environment management. Solid waste in the water sector over the years and will Industries, educational institutions, is a major area of concern. A huge chunk of be very happy to offer solutions that are not service organisations and government it is burnt, thrown in rivers or simply dumped just cost effective but also sustainable.” establishments must collaborate to ensure on vacant land. With cities like Mumbai, If leading market players like Ion Exchange that India’s newly found broom engine does Kolkata and Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru are gung ho about the business prospects not lose its steam. u 16 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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