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DWG Estimating Software? DRAWING £ Visualise – Illustrate – Calculate – Communicate ESTIMATES £ QUOTES 3D MODEL Adic Headquarters TG20 CADS Client/ Contractor: Al Futtaim Carillion CHECK DWG QUANTITIES DRAWING £ TUBE & FIT ESTIMATES £ WIND QUOTES 3D 3D models illustrate quotations and method statements RING MODEL TG20 DWG CUP CHECK DRAWING £ WEDGE QUANTITIES ESTIMATES £ RebarCAD World Class Rebar Detailing Software QUOTES TUBE & FIT Automatic TG20 compliance promotes best practice Instant drawings reduce costs and prevent delays 3D A 6% steel saving on even a small 1000 tonne SMART Scaffolder has revolutionised how scaffolders work together with their customers: WIND MODEL t Estimates and illustrated quotations are produced faster, are more accurate and * reinforced concrete project is worth about 30 Lakh! TG20 easier to understand. t Drawings can be printed to go with the quote or on demand as the job progresses for the benefi t of clients and operatives alike. CHECK RING t 3D models illustrate your quotations and method statements, clearly communicating t (MPCBM CVTJOFTT 4DSBQ BOE XBTUBHF EVF UP JOBDDVSBUF t #*. 3FWJU DPNQBUJCJMJUZ your intentions to customers and operatives. SFJOGPSDFNFOU ESBXJOHT NJTUBLFT JO t 0WFS ZFBST PME t %FUBJMJOH TPGUXBSF ##4 BOE VOVUJMJTFE 0GG $VUT DPTUT UIF Win and retain the best customers with software that is easy to use and costs less than t 0WFS DVTUPNFST t &YUFOTJWF 3 % QUANTITIES CUP DPOTUSVDUJPO JOEVTUSZ OFBSMZ PG you would expect. For a free demonstration please contact CADS’ friendly sales team: JUT TUFFM DPOTVNQUJPO FBDI ZFBS 0VS t .PSF UIBO TUBGG t %FTJHO EFUBJMJOH TFSWJDFT Tel: +44 (0)1202 603031 Email: t $PNQSFIFOTJWF TVQQPSU t %FTJHO TPGUXBSF RebarCAD TPGUXBSF JT ZPVS TPMVUJPO UP TUBE & FIT RING CUP WEDGE TUPQ ZPVS QSPKFDUT CMFFEJOH QSPmUT TUBE & FIT WEDGE (-0#"- $0/4536$5*0/ 40'58"3& "/% 4&37*$&4 Learn about your potential material savings today! Computer and Design Services Ltd, Station Approach, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8AX Company Registration No: 1161218 WIND RING CUP WEDGE
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