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COVER STORY increased momentum towards green What is very heartening is the enthusiasm bodies across India will also be eyeing the growth and a clean environment there will with which India Inc has come on board. prospect of facilities being introduced for be huge opportunities for Indian, German Leading corporates like Reliance, Bharti the treatment of municipal and industrial and other international enterprises. Foundation, Tata Consultancy Services, waste water. The Mannheim, Germany, It is precisely the view of India as an Adani Group, Aditya Birla Group, ITC, HUL headquartered Bilfinger Water Technologies opportunity zone that has led the Frankfurt and Dabur have expressed their willingness is a global leader in the supply of systems, based Grasshopper Investments, a to offer support to the campaign, some even components and services in the area of company designing private financing pledging large amounts from their CSR water and wastewater technology. It offers concepts and innovative business models funs for the cleanliness cause. While TCS a comprehensive range of competences in in the water sector in emerging markets, to and Bharti Foundation have offered `100 water and waste management, separating engage with Indian firms to support viable crore for school toilets, the Adanis will be solids from liquids and gases and vacuum and sustainable projects. expanding the scope of their sanitation technology which put together provide Mareen Schneider, mission to states outside Gujarat like complete solutions for its customers in local Managing Director and Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab. Not government and in the industrial sector. Founder, Grasshopper to be outdone the Aditya Birla Group is The company has a factory in Khatraj near Investments GmbH, looking to construct 10,000 toilets in various the Gujarat capital Gandhinagar which says, “We have been states while ITC will be contributing to an manufactures cleaning equipment used in very closely watching equal number while FMCG major HUL has waste water treatment plants. the moves of the Indian government in outlined plans to set up 24,000 facilities by Asif Sikwani, Country regard to development of infrastructure next year. Head, Global Business in the water sector and we are extremely The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Unit Water Treatment, encouraged by the possibilities offered meanwhile, is organising the 'Mission B i l f i ng er Wa t er by the Clean India campaign. As far as -Sanitation of Schools’ drive under which it Technologies (India) our role here is concerned investments will work with companies to construct toilets Private Ltd, reveals, “We in water infrastructure are to this day across the country. The industry body has set plan to add 2 or 3 more mainly financed through state funding up a mechanism to create awareness and Bilfinger products in India which are and development banks worldwide. We encourage industry participation through already available in Germany and other are among the few companies that raise its network of 64 offices in India, spread parts of Europe. We believe the industry private capital for water projects. We are across 26 states and two union territories. will prosper if the projects adhere to a sure we will soon find In the first phase of this programme which strict implementation schedule, even the great opportunities here.” is by the end of fiscal year 2015-16, CII will tendering and award process has to be Adds Andreas Kaspar, undertake the construction of 10,000 toilets. compressed, and the right players given Director, ANI Water Following that, based on the feedback an opportunity to participate.” Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Swiss and assessments on the ground, it plans Roots Multiclean Ltd (RMCL), a leader in company which offers to announce targets for the second phase. the Indian cleaning equipment ultraviolet irradiation Current estimates place the per unit cost of manufacturing industry, appears to be gung technologies to disinfect and treat fluids construction of a toilet block in the vicinity ho about the prospects, “It is imperative and surfaces, “We are involved with of `2 to 5 lakh depending on availability of to keep homes, workplaces common a number of projects in India and we water and other facilities. areas clean. We see a huge potential for see great possibilities arising from the To implement the movement at the sweepers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and campaign. The important qualification is grassroots level the government has general cleaning tools. We will that the momentum is sustained.” planned to provide `20 lakh per annum to certainly provide our best over 2,47,000 village panchayats across the possible support to the THE TOILET RUSH country to improve sanitation. The money Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,” No sooner than the Prime Minister will be utilised from a fund of `196,000 says Varun Karthikeyan inaugurated the drive many of the public crore announced by the government for the R, Managing Director, sector undertakings joined the Clean Clean India Mission over a five-year period. Roots Multiclean Ltd. India campaign by pledging support and While the Urban Development Ministry will C o m p a n i e s l i k e financial aid as part of their corporate allocate `62,000 crore for cleaning towns Environmental Dynamics International social responsibility initiatives. PSUs under across the country, the Ministry of Drinking (EDI) which specialises in the development the Power Ministry, for instance, will build Water and Sanitation will reportedly spend and application of advanced technology 100,000 toilets in schools within a year. The `1,34,000 crore for the programme. aeration and biological treatment solutions state-run Airports Authority of India (AAI) Admittedly while the sheer absence of – it has supported industries such as too while launching its cleanliness drive at toilets will engage a large part of the pulp and paper, food and beverage, its facilities in various cities has identified government’s attention if only for the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, oil 765 schools in 37 districts of the country attendant bad publicity it has attracted and gas – is also betting big on business where it proposes to construct toilets. in 67 years of independence, urban local prospects. The company in India has 14 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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