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Dreitop FH High Abrasion Resistant Flooring Solutions Non-metallic, dry-shake concrete surface hardener for high abrasion resistant floors in heavy stress areas We Offer: Dreitop FH, Dreitop FH Standard, Suntop FH and MC-FloorSeal, a range of high performance Floor Hardeners available in Dry-Shake Powder form or Liquid Form. With a Moh’s scale hardness approaching a value of 8, Dreitop FH provides the best abrasion resistant protection to your concrete floor. Product Benefits: Non-metallic, non-rusting, waterproof, durable and maintenance free, withstands almost all type of mechanical stresses such as rolling, sliding, percussion impact, abrasion etc. Deicer Indian Green Building Council M E M B E R resistant, resistant to petrol, mineral oil etc. Non-skid. Experience of thousands of square metres in heavy industries. Applications: It is suitable for a variety of industrial floors, warehouses, hangars, parking areas, ramps, hangars, exhibition halls, workshops, railway platforms or anywhere, durable hardtop, heavy duty flooring is required. Member - CCMA Over 25 Years of Experience – For your Durable Structures. MC - Bauchemie (India) Pvt. Ltd. Tel. : (022) 2789 2856 / 2788 0803 Fax : (022) 2789 3870 Email : / Web : Innovation in Building Chemicals An ISO 9001 : 2008 Company MY Communications
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