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COVER STORY ViTal sTaTs Name of missioN: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (urban and rural) TargeT: Sanitation for all Indians DeaDliNe for implemeNTaTioN: October 2, 2019 proBlem • 68.8 million tons of waste generated each year • 6000 tons of plastic littered every day • 600 million defecating in the open solUTioNs aND opporTUNiTY 111 millioN: New individual household latrines; 66,575 to be built per day. 177 lakh: Government funded toilets to be built per annum 1.04 crore: Toilets for urban households across 4041 towns 2.2 lakh: Community toilets 56,928: More toilets in rural schools across India eXpeNDiTUre `196,000 crore: Government funding over a five-year period `20 lakh: Annual funding from government to 2,47,000 village panchayats. `1,00,000 crore: For rural toilets `62,000 crore: For urban toilets The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the national movement for public cleanliness recently launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while being a long awaited attack on the soaring mountains of non biodegradable trash building up across the country’s urban and rural landscape, also presents a huge business opportunity for players of the Cleantech industry. 10 construction opportunities|NOVEMBER 2014
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