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bC IndIa 2014- exhIbItors database Exhibitor list as on 29 November, 2014 th Source: Exhibitor Name Country Stall No. Exhibitor Name Country Stall No. A.W.M Italy India Indoor.H8.B32 Carling Technologies Asia-Pacific Hong Kong Indoor.H1.N11 Abhishek Concrete India Indoor.H8.D43 Carlisle Trading and Manufacturing India Indoor.H7.A02 Abhishek Sales Corporation India Outdoor.753 CASAGRANDE S.p.A. Italy Indoor.H5.I30 ACE Associate (Indiaprecast) India Indoor.H5.H27 Caterpillar India India Outdoor.423 ACE Infrastructure India Indoor.H7.B35 CCPITMSC China Indoor.H5.E44 Action Construction Equipment India Outdoor.603/704 CCS OSTEM Projects India Outdoor.145 Ad-Media GmbH Germany Indoor.H6.H01 CDE Asia India Indoor.H7.C33 ADLER Technologies France Indoor.H5.E25 Cenlub Systems India Outdoor.731 Advance Vibrators India Indoor.H1.N09 Champak Steel & Engg. India Indoor.H8.A29 AEM India Indoor.H7.C18 Changsha Tianwei Engineering China Indoor.H5.E02 Aeolus Tyre India Indoor.H6.H13/H6.H19 Changzhou Huahan Imp&Exp China Indoor.H5.H20 Ahmedabad Pneumatic India Indoor.H1.N33 Changzhou Raymond International China Indoor.H7.D06 Ajax Fiori Engineering India Outdoor.611 Chengdu Dahongli Machinery China Indoor.H5.G05 AKG India Private India Indoor.H5.E35 Chhajed Steel & Alloys India Indoor.H7.A09 Akona Engineering India Outdoor.210 CHIR-AYU Controls India Indoor.H6.F15 Allen Buildwel India Indoor.H8.D48 Chuzhou Kimdun Eingineering Machine China Indoor.H8.D41 Alliance Tire Group (ATG) India Outdoor.411 CIDC India Indoor.H6.I01 Alto Products Corp. India India Indoor.H7.A01 CE & CR India Indoor.H1.O41 AME GmbH Austria Indoor.H5.H25 Civimec Engineering India Outdoor.213 Amma Motors India Indoor.H3.L02 Clifford Welding Systems South Africa Indoor.H1.N19 Ammann Apollo India India Outdoor.225 COBO Group Italy Indoor.H5.I32 An Hui H-Power Machinery China Indoor.H1.P24 Collective Trade Links India Indoor.H6.G30 Anand Engineering Works India Indoor.H8.D42 Columbia Pakona Engineering India Indoor.H5.E19 Andreas Stihl Germany Indoor.H3.J21 COMERCIAL ARJA Spain Indoor.H5.E26 Anjlai Ventures India Indoor.H8.C40 COMETTO INDUSTRIE SPA Italy Indoor.H1.P18 Aoshi Machinery China Indoor.H5.E09 Composit, LLC Russia Indoor.H3.J38 Apollo Carmix Equipments India Outdoor.644 Con Mech Engineers Great Britain Indoor.H7.C29 Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete India Indoor.H1.O21 Construction Business Today India Indoor.H1.N41 Apollo Inffratech Private Limited India Outdoor.644 Construction Equipment Association Great Britain Indoor.H7.C29 Aquarius Engineers India Outdoor.641 Construction Equipment Events Great Britain Indoor.H7.C29 Ardent Engineer India Indoor.H3.M01 Construction Opportunities India Indoor.H3.M41 Argo-Hytos India Indoor.H7.A24 Construction World (ASAPP) India Indoor.H3.J35 Aria Aerial Platforms India Indoor.H1.P34 Construction Technology India Indoor.H6.H08 Aries India Earthmoving India Indoor.H7.A19 COSBEN Equipments India Indoor.H8.A28 Arno Enterprises India Indoor.H8.C29 Cosben Srl Italy Indoor.H5.I28 aSa - Reinforcement Steel Software India Indoor.H7.C02 Cosmo World India Indoor.H6.F01 Ashar Locker India India Indoor.H7.A07 Crescent Foundry Co. India Indoor.H6.F20 Auto Electrical Supplies (Export) Great Britain Indoor.H6.G18 Croissance International India Indoor.H8.C49 Avalon Technologies India Indoor.H7.D15 Cross Tech India Outdoor.705 Axiscades Engineering Technologies India Indoor.H1.N25 CSPC LLC Russia Indoor.H5.I19 AY Trading Co. India Indoor.H8.D29 Cyient India Indoor.H6.J22 B & B Machines India Indoor.H5.H02 Darshana Industries India Indoor.H5.H10 Balaji Construction Machinery India Indoor.H8.A47 Davesmen India India Outdoor.741 Balkrishna Ind (BKT) India Outdoor.429 Deilmann-Haniel Mining Systems Germany Indoor.H1.N05 BAUER Equipment India India Indoor.H3.M29 DELMAG GMBH & Co.KG Germany Indoor.H3.K25 BAUMA India Indoor.H1.N40 Dhani Impex Pvt. Ltd. India Indoor.H6.F17 Baumaschinen Fink GmbH Germany Indoor.H3.L27 Diabu Diamond Tools India Indoor.H1.N31 BayernLB Germany Indoor.H7.B29 Diepa Drahtseilwerk Dietz GmbH Germany Indoor.H7.C20 BEI Sensors C/O Custom Sensors(CST) India Indoor.H8.C45 Dinamic Oil India India Indoor.H3.M28 Beijing Essence Fairs China Indoor.H7.C05 Doka India India Indoor.H1.O22/H1.P21 Beijing REIT Technology Development China Indoor.H5.E18 Dongtai Juli Machinery China Indoor.H5.G11 Bellstone Hi-Tech International India Indoor.H5.I39 Dongyue Machinery Group China Indoor.H5.H36 Bevel Gears (India) India Indoor.H7.D30 DPH Engineering India Indoor.H5.I22 Bezares Spain Indoor.H5.E24 Dsquare Tech Impex India Indoor.H8.B30 BHS-Sonthofen GmbH Germany Indoor.H3.L37 Dudheshwar Engineers India Indoor.H1.N01 bi medien GmbH Germany Indoor.H3.L33 EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH Germany Indoor.H3.K36 Bianchi Casseforme India India Indoor.H5.E29 Echo Precast Engineering NV Belgium Indoor.H3.K36 Bochumer Eisenhütte Heintzmann Gmbh Germany Indoor.H3.M02 Economic Research India India Indoor.H6.I07 Bosch Rexroth India India Indoor.H7.B01 Eirich, Gustav, Maschinenfabrik GmbH Germany Indoor.H3.J28 Brickwell India Indoor H5.F22 Eisenmann Surface Finishing Systems India Indoor.H8.E39 Broce Manufacturing United States of America Indoor.H7.C04 Electroelsa Srl Italy Outdoor.761 BROSA AG Germany Indoor.H3.K29 ElectroMech Material Handling Systems India Indoor.H1.N32 BSL Scaffolding India Indoor.H8.B34 ELEMATIC India India Indoor.H5.H23 Bucher Hydraulics India Indoor.H8.C50 Elephant Heavy Industries Group Korea Outdoor.738 Builders' Association of India India Indoor.H3.M38 Elesa and Ganter India India Indoor.H6.I31 Buildmate Projects India Indoor.H8.D22/H8.E21 ELGI Equipments India Outdoor.239 Burner India India Outdoor.709 Elofic Industries India Indoor.H6.H20 C&A - Brand Media India Indoor.H6.H04 EPC & I India Indoor.H6.F02 CABR Construction Machinery China Indoor.H7.C09 EPC World India Indoor.H6.G02 CADS Software India India Indoor.H6.G38 EPE Process Filters & Accumulators India Indoor.H7.A35 Canara Hydraulics India Indoor.H3.M26 Erkat Spezialmaschinen und Service Germany Indoor.H3.J32 10 construction opportunities|DeceMBeR 2014
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